The first working day in January 2020: when to go to work

In recent years, Russians who are engaged in professional activities in state institutions, in January were lucky enough to rest for 8 or even 10 days, but there are rumors that there will be no more such happiness. How long will the holidays last in 2020, and what will be the first working day?

2020 plan

Next year, vacations will begin on Wednesday, January 1. It will be necessary to go to work in 2020 on Thursday, January 9. Total in the first month of the calendar will be 17 working days and 14 days off.

Please note: since 2 non-working days (4th and 5th day) fall on Saturday and Sunday, they will be transferred by analogy with previous years to May holidays (May 4th and 5th).

Thanks to this decision, the Russians will immediately receive 5 days off in a row - an excellent mini-vacation that can be spent out of town or at a resort.

Many people have a question - why not postpone two additional days off for the next working days on January 9 and 10? The government has its own answer to this.

The fact is that lengthy “swagger” seriously worried politicians. State officials are convinced that this is completely impractical and even destructive for Russia.

  • Firstly, this state of things has a bad effect on the economic condition of the country. For those 10 days, while people were sitting at home, instead of working, the budget lost billions of rubles!
  • Secondly, a long rest is fraught with overeating and excessive drinking. And when you need to go to work after the New Year, many cannot recover, their performance and the quality of the work performed are reduced.

Such conclusions were reached by many health professionals, as well as economists. And talk about the abolition of the New Year holidays has been going on for several years, even the corresponding draft laws have been drawn up. Of course, it is strange that politicians are worried about our health, they are more likely to care about the money side, but be that as it may, it is hard to disagree with them.

Alternative Scenarios

In total, politicians offer several alternative scenarios according to which it would be possible to solve the issue with a long downtime on New Year's Eve and at the same time not offend anyone:

  1. Reduce the New Year holidays to 3 days (31, 1 and 1 day at Christmas), and add the vacated days to other holidays, for example, in May, or provide people with these 5 days as days off, which can be taken at any time (or attach to vacation).
  2. Grant the right to the management of each individual institution / enterprise to decide how long the workers will have vacations and when they will go to work.

So far, those who advocate a reduction in vacation are a minority. Most of the members of the State Duma are still against such changes, since they are afraid of the reaction of the people and trade unions. Perhaps they do not dare to cancel the holidays only because now the Russians are already puzzled by what is happening in the country: the communal apartment and taxes are getting more expensive, or the retirement age is being increased.

What happened in previous years

New Year holidays, that is, a weekend to celebrate the New Year, were introduced in Russia in 2005. Then the first 5 days of the new year were officially recognized as non-working. They are joined by the 6th, 7th and 8th numbers, which are allocated to mark Christmas. Altogether, an 8-day “vacation” comes out, for which people can relax normally, see relatives, "reboot" in the end, or even fly to warmer countries.

Sometimes it goes for a walk longer than eight days. So, the 30th and 31st in some years are also days off if they fall on Saturday or Sunday. In addition, holidays can be longer due to transfers. For example, in 2019, the 31st fell on Monday, and the authorities decided that it was not necessary to call people for 1 day, it was better to postpone it to Saturday 29th. Thus, people “walked” for 10 whole days.

In 2018, the holidays lasted 8 days and ended on Tuesday, January 9th, but the 6th and 7th fell on Sunday, so one day off was postponed to May 2, and another one to March 9th. The longest vacation to date was in 2005. Then we rested from work for 11 days!

Although not everyone considers the cancellation of the holidays as something bad. There are those who do not care what number to go to work. Some would like to work and earn more. But now the statistics are that only 20% of citizens agree to have less rest.

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