New Year 2020 Abroad

Meet the New Year 2020 abroad with almost any budget. In any case, it will be possible to spend a pleasant vacation, recharge with positive emotions and learn about the traditions of other countries and peoples. When choosing a direction, it is worth considering personal preferences (sea, mountains, city walks, etc.), financial opportunities, the absence of children and other factors. Among the options below, you can choose an interesting place for the New Year holidays.

Where to go to the sea

For those who do not know where it is unforgettable to celebrate the New Year 2020 abroad, it is worth considering a trip to the sea. Even a trip of several days will allow you to recharge with positive for the whole year. Many people dream of basking in the sun in the cold winter and getting a beautiful tan.

  • Thailand. One of the most popular destinations. Air heats up to +30, and water - up to +28 degrees. And although Thais celebrate New Year on the eastern calendar, they arrange a real holiday for tourists. Fun flows like water in Pattaya and Phuket.
  • Indonesia. All travelers go to the famous resort - Goa. High service, warm sea and incredible beauty of nature. In hotels and cafes, an entertainment program is required.
  • Dominican Republic. Incendiary music and Latin American dances until the morning - you definitely will not be bored at the holiday. In Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, an incredible fire show is sure to be organized. Impressions will remain for the whole year.
  • Maldives. If you are willing to spend more, then the New Year holidays in the Maldives is a great choice. The clean ocean, white sand and palm trees give the New Year's Eve a special touch.
  • UAE Most tourists choose the United Arab Emirates for the high level of service. In this country, it is easy to combine a beach holiday with active entertainment.
  • Egypt. Despite the bans, Egypt remains on the list of the most popular destinations among Russian tourists. Usually sent to Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh. The hotels always arrange a show program for vacationers.
  • Sri Lanka. Spending time on an island in the Indian Ocean is a great idea. Comfortable weather, fun parties, fireworks and other entertainment await tourists.
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Maldives
  • Dominican Republic
  • UAE
  • Egypt
  • Sri Lanka

Where to inexpensively celebrate the New Year

A modest budget is not a reason to refuse to rest for the New Year 2020 abroad. You can plunge into the traditions of other peoples, study the ancient architecture of cities, arrange walks along the decorated streets or take part in folk festivals in the following countries:

  • Czech. Celebration of Sylvester (as the Czechs call the New Year) is accompanied by festivities in the squares and streets of the city. Most tourists go to the capital of Prague, but you can also visit Karlovy Vary and other cities. The price of tours is from 45 thousand rubles.
  • Montenegro The incredible beauty of nature will give the holiday special colors. Fans of snowboarding, skiing and other winter sports will be able to actively spend time. Most events are held on Catholic Christmas. A tour for one starts from 25 000 rubles.
  • Bulgaria. Despite reasonable prices, you can count on a high service level. You can actively spend time at one of the ski resorts. To plunge into the festive atmosphere, it is worth participating in folk festivals in Sofia. The price of the tour for 1 person is from 15 thousand rubles.
  • The Baltic states. Inexpensive, but with color you can celebrate New Year in one of the Baltic states. New Year and Christmas fairs, theater performances, concerts, attractions for children, as well as delicious cuisine and many attractions await tourists. Prices are slightly higher than Russian.
  • Germany. Berlin, Munich, Cologne and other German cities are immersed in a fabulous atmosphere. There are fairs on the streets where you can taste sausages, gingerbread and other treats, drink hot mulled wine, and take part in contests and competitions. Weekly vacations will cost 300-350 euros or more, depending on the hotel and program.
  • Finland. Families with children will enjoy a holiday in Finland. Favorite place for tourists is Lapland. This is a real winter tale. In order not to miss a meeting with Santa Claus, the tour should be booked in advance. Cost - from 30 000 rubles.
  • Czech
  • Montenegro
  • Bulgaria
  • The Baltic states
  • Germany
  • Finland

Where to go without a visa

If you don’t have time to apply for a visa, then you should go to a state for which it is not required. In this case, for a vacation abroad in January 2020, the following options should be considered:

  • Abkhazia In this country, you can choose a vacation option for any budget. Travelers are struck by the beauty of the mountains. In addition to winter activities in the mountains, hotels and restaurants have a rich entertainment program with dancing and live music.
  • Cuba. If you want to unusual celebrate the New Year, then you can go diving or just spend time under the rays of the warm sun in Cuba. A visa to enter the country is not needed, but a lot of money will be required for flights and accommodation.
  • Vietnam. Budget vacation at sea without unnecessary worries. Good-natured Vietnamese will definitely prepare a holiday for tourists. Fireworks, incendiary music, performances by artists are only part of the entertainment.
  • Tunisia. This state in Africa is not very popular among Russian travelers, although the New Year's Eve can be combined with healing the body and interesting excursions to historical sites.
  • Morocco. You can immerse yourself in an Arabian fairy tale and have a good time at sea in Morocco. Locals do not celebrate New Year, but tourists do not have to get bored. A lot of entertainment is provided for them.
  • Abkhazia
  • Cuba
  • Vietnam
  • Tunisia
  • Morocco

Other options

An unforgettable and interesting vacation can also be arranged in the following states:

  • Spain. The streets of Spanish cities for the New Year and Christmas holidays turn into a platform for folk festivals. Dancing, music, fairs, competitions - it will not be boring.
  • Cyprus. An island in the Mediterranean Sea is well suited for a calm and measured family vacation, while the costs will be small. There are interesting activities for adults and children.
  • Singapore. Laser shows, fireworks, a festival of enormous proportions will definitely leave pleasant memories in your memory. The cost of the tour starts at $ 1,500 per person, but subject to early booking.
  • France. In Paris, you can arrange New Year's shopping, ride on skating rinks and attractions, watch theatrical performances and become a participant in street festivities. You can also go to the ski resort to go skiing or snowboarding along.

Fans of extreme sports and winter sports should consider a trip to a ski resort in other countries. Most often, travelers choose the European Alps. To enjoy their incredible beauty and arrange an unforgettable vacation, you can go to Italy, Austria or Switzerland. Incredible winter holidays can be arranged in the USA or Canada.

New Year in the USA

Regardless of which country is chosen for travel, it is worthwhile to pre-book a tour or accommodation. During the New Year holidays it is more difficult to find suitable vacant seats, and their cost will be many times more expensive.

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