Vytynanka (stencils for windows) for the New Year 2020

On the eve of the New Year holidays, one involuntarily believes in magic. Moreover, I want to create it with my own hands. And there is nothing simpler when at hand there are templates of protruding for the New Year 2020, thanks to which the windows are instantly covered with delicate white patterns, as if the main winter wizard had died on them - frost.

The ancient art of paper cutting is available to both children and adults, allowing you to create real masterpieces without much effort, from the most accessible materials. Those who are still unfamiliar with the tyrants should definitely replenish their "needlework" arsenal with them.

Collection of patterns for the main winter holiday

Vytynanka is a type of silhouette clipping for which mainly white paper is used, and the background is colored cardboard or, for example, a dark window. The degree of openwork can be different - from dense images with rare through details to almost transparent, where only a thin outline remains from the paper.

Both that and another way of cutting or, in ancient Slavic "ousting", is actively applied for New Year's decorations.

To create patterns yourself, you need experience. After all, all the elements of the clipping should be connected with each other and with the edging, so that the picture is not interrupted anywhere and is easily "read". Therefore, it’s better to master the beautiful art of tying with ready-made templates. They can be:

  1. Download from the Internet and print on the printer in the right size.
  2. Translate directly from your computer screen. To do this, select the picture you like, using the “Scale” option in the browser settings, increase it and gently circle it “in the light” on a sheet of office or other thin paper. The pencil should be soft (preferably 2V or more) so that its tip does not scratch the monitor.
  3. Take from children's or adult coloring pages using the Zentagl technique.

What patterns are most popular on winter holidays?

Eastern animal patron

By New 2020, you will definitely need templates of pimples with the image of the Rat. It is important to choose pictures where this rodent looks cute, friendly or funny, evoking only positive emotions.

The procedure for working with templates is extremely simple:

  1. We place the finished picture on a special (self-healing) floor mat for breadboard cutting. It will protect the desktop surface from damage. A fiberboard sheet or a plastic kitchen board is also suitable. Wooden can be taken only if its surface is perfectly flat.
  2. We fix the template with masking tape so that it does not move during operation.
  3. With a clerical or breadboard knife we ​​cut out the pattern. At the first stage, it is necessary to "go through" the smallest details. They are usually laborious and you have to turn the sheet many times, so it is better if it is as solid as possible - less likely to tear or crush something. We start with the central elements, and then move on to the side elements.
  4. When working with an office knife, we often break off the blade. The outer contour can be cut with scissors. Straight lines are recommended to be made under the ruler, otherwise they are unlikely to turn out even.
  5. It is important not to rush and be extremely careful so as not to cut the image in the wrong place. Of course, the error can be easily corrected with glue, but the gap (if the protruding hole is placed on the window) the connection will be noticeable.

For children under 10 years old, a clerical and breadboard knife are not suitable - both tools are traumatic. You need to take manicure scissors with straight ends and work only under the supervision of adults.

Fairy tale characters

Among the New Year's vytynanka, Santa Claus and Snegurochka occupy a special place, without which it is impossible to imagine a winter holiday. Usually window glass decorates their figures, adding an environment of funny animals, snowflakes, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Often used compositions with Santa Claus, flying in a sleigh and carrying long-awaited gifts. Not without Snowmen, who, according to popular beliefs serve as good intermediaries between the spirits of the cold and people and are able to pacify snowstorms.

You can take any New Year's vytyanka and make from them multicomponent applications for the whole window. It will turn out a real winter fairy tale.

It’s good when you manage to get by with small-sized templates. And if you want something really large-scale? In this case, you have to use the classic way to increase the picture by cells. The algorithm of actions is described in the masterclass on the puck "Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden".

  1. Download ready-made templates for the heroes of the New Year celebration from the Internet in A4 format.
  2. Fold each leaf with a picture in half. The pattern should be symmetrical. We draw one of the halves into squares with a side of 1 cm.
  3. The sheet of whatman paper is also folded in half along the long side. And we apply a grid of 3x3 cm, since the A1 format is 3 times larger than A4. All cells need to be numbered in width and height to make it easier to transfer the image. It remains to increase the original drawing to the size of a Whatman sheet.
  4. Next, we take a clerical, and even better a breadboard knife and begin to carefully cut according to the new template.
  5. Having finished work, we reveal the Whatman list. Here's what delicate beauty for the winter windows turned out.
  6. Similarly, we make a couple of our Snow Maiden - the fabulous and wise Santa Claus.

Architectural landscapes

The third most popular among the New Year's vytyanka for window decoration can be safely called a sweep of city streets or images of rural houses. Compositions are usually glued to the bottom of the glass, combining with snowflakes, bells or New Year's inscriptions. The holders are made with an architectural landscape according to the same scheme as the others, however, since there are a lot of small details in them, it is better to take on such products after a "training" on simpler objects.

  1. The downloaded template is applied to a sheet of office paper of the same format and attached to a solid base on which you can cut with a knife. In this case, it is fiberboard.
  2. To fix the paper "sandwich" we use masking tape. It is easily removed at the end of work and leaves no sticky residue.
  3. Cut the composition on the stencil. Do not forget to start with smaller parts and gradually move to larger ones.
  4. When all the internal contours are cut, we take on the external.
  5. We remove the stencil printout and get a wonderful New Year pattern that will create an atmosphere of comfort and will remind you of the imminent holiday not only to the inhabitants of the house, but also to passers-by.

Some more interesting options:

You can also make decoration from several silhouette clippings with houses located one after another. You will get a spectacular city panorama, which is additionally highlighted by a LED ribbon garland. It is better to print architectural patterns of vytnanka for 2020 on thick cardboard so that they do not bend under their own weight and cut with a breadboard knife.

Holiday accessories

The simplest and most affordable option for the New Year's Eve-2020 is all kinds of snowflakes, bells and Christmas balls. Mittens and boots for gifts, which can also be hung on the windows, will also become an easily recognizable element of the decor. Suddenly, a good frost will put a present there? Such accessories usually have several pieces, depending on the shape of the composition. There are special vignettes for decorating corners or patterned garlands that symmetrically decorate the entire window.

Snowflakes loved by many since childhood do not require special patterns. They must be cut with children - this is an unforgettable pleasure. The main secret of beautiful openwork snowflakes, in the correct folding of the workpiece. Thin paper should be taken, otherwise it will be very inconvenient to cut several layers with scissors.

  1. Take a standard album sheet and bend diagonally, combining adjacent sides. We cut off the excess part.
  2. The resulting right-angled triangle is folded in half. And then again we repeat the same action.
  3. Now you need to take the paper figure at a right angle and bend it to the opposite side. Turning the blank over, we see that its reverse side is longer.
  4. It is on this asymmetric triangle that we outline the openwork "twig" of the future snowflake. A drawing can be very different: either made according to a ready-made template, or fantasy.

How to decorate a house with a tympanum

Most often, silhouette clippings are mounted on windows, imitating frosty patterns. At the same time, it is necessary that openwork paper ornaments hold well for a long time (after all, it is not at all necessary to remove them immediately after the New Year holidays), and then easily take off, preserving integrity as far as possible. In addition, I would like to avoid the painful laundering of glasses.

The best option is to use PVA glue mixed with water. The solution leaves no traces, allows you to evenly attach the product to the surface and is not visible from the back of the vytynanka, that is, from the street. It is not difficult to take paper pictures, just spray them with water from the spray gun and wait a bit. The remaining glue is removed with a glass cleaner.

You can use PVA solution only for decorating windows or mirrors. Difficult stains remain on the furniture, so other means are needed here.

Universal is considered a soap solution. It is suitable for all surfaces, including polished or mirrored. The composition is made as follows: ¼ a piece of 200-gram soap is rubbed on a grater and diluted in a basin with warm water. It is better to apply the solution with a wide brush with a soft pile. If the paper is thick enough, you can briefly dip the vytytanki directly into the basin, and then glue on the window. But with this method, there is a danger of leakage, and the product overexposed in water easily "sprawls".

To save paper needlework for the next year, it is fixed with narrow strips of adhesive tape. Yes, you’ll have to tinker both during gluing and after, when it is time to wash the glass. But man-made beauty does not deteriorate, which is also important.

Snowflakes, mittens and baubles and paper balls can be attached to satin ribbons and hung on a cornice or Christmas tree. To give even greater resemblance to frosty patterns, products are decorated with artificial snow.