Cross stitch pattern for Rat - symbol of 2020

Embroidery is one of the best ways to decorate your home in anticipation of the New Year holidays. Such needlework has a beneficial effect both on its creator, and on those who subsequently will admire the excellent work. With detailed cross-stitch patterns of the Rat - the symbol of 2020, everyone can worthily meet the symbolic rodent.

Tips for Beginners

"Pass" the rows on the canvas in different ways. The choice of method depends on the personal preferences of the craftswoman. There are 4 of the most famous options: Danish, traditional, with skipped stitches and a simple diagonal.

Schemes of the listed methods are shown in the figure. Danish technique is indicated in blue, traditional in green, and a simple diagonal in red. Skipped stitches are allowed up to 3 stitches; they are sewn with one thread laid obliquely on the back of the embroidery. Among beginners, the most popular is the traditional variety.

Pattern embroidery algorithm

Having mastered the ready-made kits, you can download samples with the cross stitch pattern of the Rat, the symbol of 2020, on the Internet. They are also very convenient, the main thing is to show perseverance, attention and accuracy. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. It is necessary to determine the center of the composition. Then, focusing on the diagram, arrange the figure so that on all sides there are "fields" with a width of at least 10 cm.
  2. Embroidery starts from the upper left corner, moving to the right and down.
  3. There should not be any nodules on the wrong side. The tail of the thread is fixed by threading it in a loop, as shown in Fig. 1.
  4. You need to fasten the work right at the end of the last stitch.

Manufacturers of ready-made sets often indicate the level of complexity of the drawing, this must be paid attention to when buying.

Thematic schemes for New Year's compositions

It is logical if on the eve of the year of the Metal Rat the house will be decorated with embroideries with its image. When choosing a suitable drawing, one should take into account the purpose of the room where the product will be placed, the mood that I would like to convey, the style of work. And yet, since it is now fashionable to focus on oriental traditions, you can create a symbolic embroidery that fulfills desires for feng shui.

For family and love

In this case, paired images are needed. Choose one rat or mouse should not be and those who would like to find a life partner next year. Or then it’s worth embroidering two pictures by placing them next to each other.

One example of a paired image:

You can decorate the kitchen with a charming picture - a touching plot will certainly raise your appetite.

And in this picture - a whole family of bold rats or mice. This option is suitable for fans of extreme travel and "adrenaline" entertainment.

Such embroidery symbolizes the stability of the family hearth, promises prosperity and prosperity to the house where it is located.


Cross-stitching Rats - mothers with a baby in 2020 is appropriate if the couple dreams of replenishment. The work can be hung in the place where, according to Feng Shui, is the "zone of children." The most successful schemes:

For children, images of the heroes of your favorite cartoons, say, Mickey Mouse or just mischievous mice - rat pups are suitable. If the picture evokes positive emotions, a kind atmosphere will reign in the room and its little inhabitants will spend a whole year healthy and happy.

When there are several children in the family or you want it to be like this:

For prosperity and well-being

Would you like to improve your financial situation under the auspices of the Rat? You need to cross-stitch a picture where the symbol of 2020 is prospering, enjoying hearty food. And then the financial trickle, even if it does not turn into a full-flowing river, will nevertheless significantly expand the channel.

New Year and Christmas theme

Such images are intended solely for the holidays. Some of them can be used in the future, but if the picture shows a rat, in the year of the Bull it will have to be put aside. It’s best to make a miniature embroidery and decorate it with a guest card or gift bag.

New Year's cross-stitch patterns according to the patterns in 2020 need not be dedicated to the Rat. Each nation has its own traditions and should not be forgotten for the sake of fashion. Here are a few patterns for embroidery in the Russian style - each of these patterns can become a strong home amulet for a year ahead.

Embroidery in the home decor

You can decorate with magic patterns of threads anything. They turn simple household items into works of art. Just a few stitches - and the product, amazing in its soulfulness, is ready to please others. On New Year's Eve usually embroider:

  • decorative pillows;
  • bags or boots for gifts;
  • Christmas decorations;
  • Greeting Cards;
  • table textile.

The most widely used are embroidered paintings, which are appropriate in interiors of different styles and purposes. Unlike art paintings, the creation of such beauty is available to everyone, but there are some subtleties.

How to prepare for work

Beginning needlewomen often immediately take on a complex product and, disappointed as a result, consider themselves incapable of embroidery. But, choosing simple and affordable schemes for the first steps, they will gradually be able to hone their skills. It is correct at the initial stages to use ready-made sets that are sold in stores. This will avoid mistakes and immediately get a spectacular product.

The best embroidery thread is a mouline thread, however, you need to monitor their quality: the absence of roughness and nodules, silkiness corresponding to the numbers with a color palette. Here are some more helpful tips:

  1. Before using the canvas, you need to starch and process its edges so that they do not crumble.
  2. It is better to embroider on the hoop - this will allow to achieve the ideal tension of the fabric, save the work from mashing and wear already at the manufacturing stage. For small items, a round frame is suitable, for large paintings - a square.
  3. The length of the thread should not exceed 50 cm, otherwise it will begin to get confused.
  4. The canvas is of different sizes - this value is determined by the number of cells in a square of 10x10 cm. It varies from 43 to 70. The larger the size of the canvas, the more beautiful and complex the pattern is, the finer the corner should be taken for embroidery.
  5. After finishing work, the canvas is removed from the hoop to avoid creases.
  6. It is desirable to arrange the threads in colors - this will greatly simplify the embroidery process.
  7. Top stitches should “look” one way.

How to care for embroidered products

Periodically, pictures of threads need to be washed. To prevent this process from destroying fragile products, it is recommended to follow some rules. The water should be warm, and the detergent should be liquid and designed for delicate things. In no case should you put embroidery on a machine; only hand wash is shown to such needlework.

Without wringing, the canvas is laid in a dry terry towel and neatly straightened, folded. Lightly moisten the product through a natural fabric. Large embroidered paintings are stored under glass, hiding from direct sunlight. Then they will not fade or become saturated with dust, which is very important for long-term service.

Embroidery Mouse: video

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