USE in English 2020

Even 2-3 years ago, closer to spring, the Internet was captured by a wave of rumors about the final abolition of the unified state exam. The appearance of information about the introduction of additional examinations into the structure of the Unified State Examination was first taken for absurd speculation. Later, citizens realized that the next change can not be avoided. Now, students are potentially waiting for the exam in the English language 2020, but not everyone knows what to do about it.

Ministry of Education plans on the minds of modern students

Multiple faceless statements on the net about the fact that officials need an illiterate crowd somehow are little consistent with attempts to reform the education system. Increased requirements for teachers and the introduction of new exams suggests the opposite - the authorities want to get educated citizens.

At the same time, officials are in a hurry as usual, introducing innovations for students before they modernize the education system. This can be seen in the example of the appearance of 2 new mandatory exams. The terms for their implementation turned out to be expressed briefly - 2 disciplines with an interval of 1 academic year. The compulsory subject “History” will be introduced with almost no teacher training. Many teachers do not even have time to completely adapt to a new teaching style with higher requirements for students to master the material.

Consequently, truly gifted children or schoolchildren who have excessively demanding parents and want to see only fours and fives in their child can freely and to good grades. The rest of the students will have to intensively prepare independently or additionally to study with tutors, simply in order to pass an exam in a subject that is taught not very seriously and structured in many schools.

In fact, the Ministry of Education entrusts students with the function of independent learning in a forced mode. The idea of ​​introducing a history exam is good, but its implementation leaves much to be desired. If children had to prepare for the new exam from the very beginning of teaching this discipline in their class, then the attention of both teachers and schoolchildren themselves would be more focused on remembering historical data, a sequence of events and all kinds of dates. With a foreign language, things are a little better.

English language in the exam format and preparation for the exam

No matter how “smoothing” the reports are at the Ministry of Education and even at simple schools, the level of teaching foreign languages ​​in Russian educational institutions can be called not even bad, but disgusting. More than 90% of graduates are unable to build even a simple story about themselves without long preparation and to maintain any elementary dialogue.

In fact, you should start with a radical change in the format of teaching and the introduction of new requirements for English teachers themselves, and not with a mandatory exam. However, with a high degree of probability the exam will appear before the changes in the teaching of this discipline, therefore, as in the case of "History", the study of the English language must be taken into your own hands.

Officials and teachers advise schoolchildren to begin planned preparation for passing this discipline. Any foreign language can not be learned a few days before the exam, in addition, even the presence of cheat sheets does not help to answer correctly. Therefore, it is better to start preparing in advance to be confident in your own knowledge.

It is worth using different ways of repeating the material:

  1. Standard - to look at topics on textbooks of different years, starting to repeat from the most poorly studied and weak, then moving on to the rest.
  2. Consistent - start repeating the entire discipline from the very moment of teaching.
  3. Modern - use online courses or free interactive programs to learn a language from the beginning or from a certain stage.

However, data on the types of training do not completely clarify the situation with the exam in a foreign language. Will they pass English in 2020 or not, will they pass the exam or be canceled altogether, as well as other variations of confusing and contradictory information only interfere with the preparation of students. Children and parents get lost, fuss, not knowing what to do.

Conditionally, official data already exists, so there is no need to guess whether English will be introduced for mandatory surrender. As mentioned above, there should be an exam, but in 2020, officials planned to test the upcoming implementation. In fact, the 2020 exam will be held in 19 regions of the country, but this year it will not have a direct impact on the final grade in the certificate, although now an option is being considered with the cancellation of concessions for those who pass the grade “unsatisfactory”. The final version of the exam in 2022 is planned to be implemented everywhere, including in technical schools. And for all there will be 2 types of complexity: basic and profile.

What students need to do now

No matter how the situation with the introduction of foreign languages ​​into the framework of the mandatory passing the exam, the students will have a difficult period. On the one hand, the Ministry of Education’s refusal to pass English in 2020 gives some students a leniency, but these are only rumors. There has not yet been an official abandonment of what was conceived, so hoping for such an outcome and continuing to do nothing is stupid. An exception may be schools that do not have English teachers on staff, but in that case children risk taking another foreign language.

Useful! Do not rely on cancellation, it is better to illuminate the remaining time preparing for the exam, starting a repetition or even mastering the English language from the very beginning of teaching the discipline. If the exam is finally canceled, then knowledge of the language will remain, which in itself is a plus for further employment or foreign travel.

It is clear that the main subjects for many students are more important for subsequent admission, but the students themselves and their parents should remember that many foreign teenagers in addition to their native language know 2, or even 3, foreign. Are Russian students not able to learn even simple English? An exam in the 11th grade in English, which is included in the number of compulsory ones, after 3-4 years will clearly demonstrate that our students can easily learn this subject for passing. So far, the only problem is that not everywhere teachers can really teach foreign languages ​​so that children can speak them, understanding the basis, correctly building sentences and having the right set of words.

Although the Unified State Examination in English 2020 sounds intimidating for some students, they should not worry. You just need to make a little effort, using in preparation not only textbooks, but also many existing interactive programs, including free ones. A daily 10-15 minute language lesson for several months can give a surprisingly noticeable result and then a simple school exam will seem ordinary and easy.