Horoscope from Tamara Globa for 2020

Tamara Globa has gained a reputation as one of the best specialists in astrology in the entire post-Soviet space. She is engaged in making forecasts for the masses, holds private consultations in her own center, and organizes special courses and lectures. And although astrology has not been officially ranked as a science, the number of people who want to know about their future and get acquainted with stellar predictions is not diminishing. The horoscope from Tamara Globa for 2020 promises a lot of unexpected events and favorable changes for all zodiac signs in the very near future. What will please the year of the White Metal Rat, each of us, read on.

Attention! This material is not a direct quote from an astrologer, but a compilation based on information from open sources.


The horoscope promises a very favorable period for the representatives of this sign - the work will be fruitful, but at the same time there will be enough free time. However, excellent opportunities will open only for those Aries who can conduct a thorough introspection, recognize their shortcomings and overcome old complexes. To achieve success in his career, Tamara Globa recommends acting slowly, according to a previously thought-out plan. You should not take on several things at the same time - you risk burnout and be considered a loser. Businessmen in 2020 can count on gaining a reliable ally, sponsor or profitable business contacts. A close circle will play a big role in Aries' career - friends and relatives will help to overcome difficulties and serve as inspiration for reaching new heights.

In terms of love, you won’t be bored, especially to lonely representatives of the sign. But in a couple of family Aries alienation may be outlined, so the astrologer advises smoothing out sharp corners and resolving conflicts amicably.


The year 2020 will be calmer for Taurus than the previous one. The absence of serious difficulties will allow you to relax, replenish the store of knowledge and expand your horizons. But this does not mean at all that the coming year will be boring - there are many interesting events and significant meetings ahead. Lonely Taurus will be able to make a pleasant acquaintance away from home, which will completely change their lives. It is possible that the object of sympathy will be your business partner. But do not rush into the pool of passion with your head - first you have to make inquiries about the person and get to know him better. In marriage, family Taurus will have complete harmony: ties will be strengthened, and relationships will only give pleasure. In professional terms, the year of the Metal Rat is a period of prospects, the implementation of their own ideas and interesting business proposals. With the support of colleagues and loved ones, Taurus will be able to get a big profit or a good reward for their hard work.


The coming year for Gemini will be very significant - it will be necessary to make important decisions that will affect all future life. This is an ideal period for anyone who wants a change for the better and strives to take a leading position. But, according to the astrologer, it is necessary to act only in one's own interests, ignoring the opinion of others. In 2020, there is every chance to achieve career success, receive the long-awaited increase and find financial stability. Twins who are unhappy with the current duty station can safely change jobs - fortune will be on your side. When making expensive purchases and planning large cash investments, you should be careful not to “burn out”.

Some Gemini will be able to renew old romantic relationships or make new ones. But keep in mind that the choice of your married or narrowed may not please your loved ones and result in a conflict. You will have to restrain negative emotions and prove the depth of feelings of your couple.


The next 12 months is a difficult period in the life of Cancers in terms of personal relationships. Conflict situations, most likely, will be associated with the difficult nature of this zodiac sign. Try to analyze your behavior, get rid of negative qualities - and you will see how people will reach you again. A single man-Cancer will have every chance of a serious relationship, but only if it is not initiativeless. A favorable season for changes in your personal life will be spring, at which time you can think about entering into a marriage or declaring an engagement. At work, they can offer a new position, but for this they will have to increase their knowledge base - to do self-education, enroll in courses or trainings. You will have to fight for a place in the sun, proving your professionalism. In finances, not everything will be stable, but you should not resort to illegal methods of earning - during the year the financial situation will certainly improve.

A lion

Representatives of this sign, accustomed to achieve all the hard work, in 2020 can relax. Good luck will contribute to Leo in everything, and the blessings of life themselves will go into the hands. This time should be devoted to the implementation of global plans so as not to waste your energy on trifles. Personal life will not be boring - new meetings, flirting, romance and falling in love can lay the foundation for a long-term relationship. But the female Leo in the coming year may be disappointed in her soul mate, and not waiting for him to show serious intentions. To achieve career growth, you will most likely have to turn to outside help - to business partners or friends. But you should not trust unfamiliar people - among them there may be competitors and even potential enemies. It is better to spend material wealth on study or self-education - this will be the best investment of the year.


How successful the Rat year will be for Virgins depends entirely on them. The next few months will have to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. Stars are advised to get rid of unnecessary emotions and tune in to positive - and then you can roll mountains. The spring-summer period will be a turning point - you will have to make an important life decision, so be reasonable and consistent. Most Virgos will direct their forces to realize themselves in a professional environment next year. They will demonstrate their best business skills and will be able to gain credibility with their superiors. In order not to miss the great business opportunities, take the initiative and do not give up in the face of difficulties.
Family Virgos can begin to peer at other women and men, and the free ones will be pulled for intrigues with other spouses. In both cases, the relationship will be futile and will only bring disappointment.


Representatives of the sign Libra is in for a hectic period. Sometimes it will seem that the whole world has taken up arms against you, but in reality a series of difficulties will turn out to be only an unfavorable combination of circumstances. Do not chop off your shoulder - returning to the problem a little later, you can easily find the right solution. In 2020, the risks of personal conflicts remain due to the inherent intractability of this zodiac sign. But in the professional sphere, prosperity and stability are expected - work will bring profit and moral satisfaction. If you wish, you can even try to open your own business - external circumstances and internal resources will contribute to this. But you should not focus only on material enrichment - you risk being branded an extremely mercantile and even mean person. The same applies to the choice of the second half - in pursuit of a wealthy companion, miss the real feeling. A routine can come in family life, so try to dilute gray everyday life with small holidays on your own.


The coming year for the Scorpions will be mixed. According to Tamara Globa, this is the best period to start life from scratch - to change jobs and place of residence, to break unpromising relationships. Moreover, in your personal life there can be a serious crisis - so you decide whether to keep your couple, or it's time to leave. Lonely Scorpions should get rid of stiffness, often go out in people - and a meeting with the second half will not take long. The Year of the Metal Rat promises Scorpios a meeting with a very ambitious and purposeful person who can become a good business partner or a wise mentor. The period is also favorable for financial investments, so if you have the means, invest them in promising projects. But to lend, as well as borrow, is not recommended, otherwise you risk getting into trouble.


Sagittarius in the coming year will have a lot of opportunities to change their lives for the better. Your task is to seize the opportunity given by showing a little natural ingenuity and dexterity. Relations with others will develop well, you will be able to win in disputes, reach compromises and gain credibility. But for this it is necessary to act openly, without resorting to intrigue and lies. Personal life will be marked by initiative, which will entail interesting acquaintances. New meetings are unlikely to develop into a love affair, but there is a chance to find a couple of reliable friends. Those Sagittarius who have already found family happiness, need to be more attentive to their soul mate - take care and attention, help to overcome difficulties at work and be patient.

Not all Sagittarius will succeed in reaching career heights, but only to those who show perseverance and prove their skills. Engage in self-improvement, enhance knowledge in the professional field - and then you will be noticed. It is possible that in the near future there will be an additional source of income, which will strengthen the financial situation.


Capricorns will have a chance to demonstrate their talents and even discover new creative abilities. In the new year, they will prove to be excellent organizers, both in the personal and in the business sphere. This will positively affect the Capricorn's reputation and will allow you to count on a bonus from the authorities. The basis for achieving goals will be the ability to avoid conflicts and find compromise solutions. Only envious people and competitors can spoil the mood, but with a little cunning and wisdom, Capricorns will be able to easily win. Personal life promises to be especially bright and emotional. Do not hide your feelings - give them freedom and become more frank. Thus, you will gain attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex and significantly increase your self-esteem. Stars do not recommend giving false hope to someone who is close to you. If you are not ready for a long-term relationship, it is better to admit it right away.


Women and men born under this zodiac constellation should slightly change their outlook on life, begin to be guided by common sense, and not emotions. In the new year, Aquarius will lack optimism - learn to enjoy the little things and do not take failure as a global catastrophe. Pay attention to your career and long-term plans. All the endeavors of 2020 can turn into a serious business that will be profitable and help to fulfill oneself. Particularly active should be Aquarius, whose work is associated with creativity. They will be able to fully realize their talents and get a good stable income. In personal relationships, you have to moderate your ardor and authoritarianism - in the coming year, there are high risks of quarreling with others and losing confidence. Amorous Aquarius can contact a non-free person, but the inherent moralism of the sign will not allow these relationships to develop.


Horoscope from Tamara Globa promises Pisces success in different areas of life. In a professional environment, you can find a business that will bring not only profit, but also pleasure. There will be an opportunity to realize their creative potential and declare their talents to the world. Many Pisces will be able to find a new comfortable place to relax, travel or permanent residence. Pisces that are in a romantic quest should stop being extremely gullible. Astrology recommends relying only on trusted people and not to rush things. In the new year, Pisces will repeatedly experience family storms and conflicts. There is a way out of this situation - try to bring diversity to family life and find new sources of positive emotions.

Be prepared to take responsibility - in the near future you will be promoted, and therefore new obligations. In financial terms, there will be no difficulties, there will be enough money for everyday spending, and for a reasonable investment.

So promises to be the new 2020th year for all signs of the zodiac. It is hoped that only good forecasts will come true, and all adversity will bypass.