When Moscow will be decorated for the New Year 2020

Every year, local city authorities in all regions of the country prepare for the most important Russian winter holiday. And when will they decorate Moscow for the New Year 2020? And how will she look in the New Year holidays? The answers to these questions exciting Muscovites and guests of the capital are in the article.

About the symbolism of 2020

The main symbol of the coming 2020 is the Metallic White Rat. Symbolism influences the choice of the color scheme of the decor, and such tones as gray, pearl, white, and silver should prevail in jewelry.

When will they decorate the capital

The decoration of the capital will begin in advance so that the city is completely ready for the holiday, and guests and residents can enjoy the New Year's atmosphere even before the main events. The decoration of Moscow territory traditionally starts on December 1 of this 2019 year. Moreover, by the middle of the first winter month (the 14th, 15th, 16th are approximate dates), preparations should be completed, so that you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the holiday two weeks before it. And the dismantling of all decorative structures is planned after the so-called old New Year - on January 14.

Note! Information on all thematic expositions and their detailed map will be posted on the official web site of the Moscow City Hall in early November, and everyone can get acquainted with this information if they wish.

How will they decorate Moscow

How will the capital be decorated on the eve of the New Year? Traditional festive themed decorations will be used:

  1. Ate. Of course, they will be decorated for the New Year with colorful toys and blinking garlands, which invariably create a festive atmosphere.
  2. Figures of the main characters of the New Year - Santa Claus and his granddaughter Snow Maiden. Figures of forest animals will also be used.
  3. Installations and compositions reproduce traditional New Year's plots, are made up of several figures and are complemented by lighting effects. Such compositions look bright and festive.
  4. Multi-colored flashing burning lights, all kinds of garlands, LED lamps. Moscow will literally light up and shine on the New Year 2020.
  5. Curtains from light constructions. They resemble star placers in the sky and look especially impressive in the dark.
  6. Fairy gazebos in which you can hide from the rain and arrange a New Year's photo shoot.
  7. Openwork sparkling beautiful arches, which were already loved by Muscovites last year, are re-installed in eight locations. They will work at night and in the evenings.
  8. Decorated scenes will be mounted in crowded places and public festivals.
  9. Along the sidewalks are decorated and brightly painted stalls, playgrounds, tents, which will sell festive paraphernalia, treats and souvenirs.

Helpful information! In total in Moscow it is planned to dress up about three hundred fir trees. And the total number of Christmas theme designs will be about four thousand. The decor promises to be even larger than last year.

New Year's fireworks

Part of the New Year’s metropolitan program will be bright fireworks that will be held in different parts of Moscow. And the most memorable lighting installation awaits after the chimes on the Moskvoretskaya embankment. The salute above the Spasskaya Tower will certainly surprise with spectacularity, creating an incredible atmosphere.

Fireworks will be launched in various other places: in Sokolniki, on Poklonnaya Gora, at VDNH, in Victory Park, on Partizan Alley, in the Lilac Garden. It will be possible to get acquainted with the full list of locations a few months before the events on the municipal websites of the capital.

What places of the city will be decorated

The scope of work on the decor is amazing: the center of the capital, its entire regions, will be transformed, but the remote corners will also not be left without attention. As a result, all of Moscow will plunge into the festive New Year's atmosphere.


What streets will please guests and residents of the Russian capital with their beauty?

  • Nikolskaya street will be transformed and will shine thanks to lights and New Year's compositions.
  • Tverskaya street will be decorated with figures of New Year characters and garlands.
  • The most central and crowded Arbat street will also plunge into a festive winter atmosphere: all kinds of light installations will be mounted here.
  • Stoleshnikov Lane is also planned to be decorated.
  • Do not pass Kamergersky Lane.
  • Tverskaya street for the New Year holidays will become a place for folk festivals and walks, filled with decorated colorful tents, playgrounds, stalls.


Of course, squares will be decorated on which traditionally celebrations are held.

The following places will be transformed:

  • Red Square will become the heart of the New Year festivities in the capital: chimes will be struck twelve times, fairs and other events will be held here. A huge decorated Christmas tree will be placed here, and garlands will be hung all over the territory.
  • The Revolution Square will be filled with fabulous heroes and become the venue for theatrical performances. There will also be organized a slide for skiing.
  • The Manezhnaya Square will be filled with festive objects: bright photo zones, spruce covered with lights, miniature tent houses, carousels.
  • Thematic events are planned to be held in Novopushkinsky Square, which will also be decorated.


The holiday can be met merrily in one of the many metropolitan parks: such places will also be decorated for the New Year. You can feel the atmosphere of magic and take a walk in the parks of Sokolniki, Gorky, Victory, Izmailovsky, Filevsky, Vorontsovsky, Kuzminsky. There will be many bright decorations and compositions. And the program of events is usually posted on city Internet portals.

Cafes, restaurants and shops

Decorated on the eve of the New Year will be all the places visited, including restaurants, shops and cafes. Moreover, not only interiors are decorated, but also facades, shop windows. Owners will take care of the decor in advance and already at the beginning of December they will transform the institutions from the outside and from the inside. Festive figures will be installed near the entrance groups, garlands and bright signs will be hung on the facades.

Muscovites and guests of the city expect a bright New Year decor. Estimate its scope will help the information and photos outlined in the article.

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