Will the New Year holidays be canceled in 2020?

Every year on the eve of the New Year holidays, there is not only fuss associated with shopping, but also a discussion regarding the abolition of long vacations. Such disputes have already become traditionally annual, they symbolize the holiday, as if it were a Christmas tree, champagne or tangerines. At the same time, citizens are divided into 3 categories: those who want to leave the holidays, dreaming of their transfer, and those who do not make much difference. In this regard, most want to know whether the New Year holidays will be canceled in 2020 or is it just a traditional rumor.

Different opinions of citizens and deputies

The fact that they want to cancel the New Year holidays is discussed every December. During the year, rumors also run, but the peak falls at the end of the year. At the same time, everyone scolds the deputies - some because they work too much and have little rest, while others complain about long vacations and labor downtime.

In fact, the citizens themselves were divided into 2 fronts: those who want to relax and seek to work. Each of the groups is dissatisfied with the opinion of the other, although the essence is simple - if you want to work, then go and work, the same rule also applies to rest. Many Russians work with a “gray” salary or on a piece-and-premium system, so a weekend is economically disadvantageous for them. It seems to be a vacation, but there’s nothing to relax.

The opinions of officials are also ambivalent - some talk about the dangers of long New Year holidays, while the second reminds about their benefits to citizens. The point of view of the former is somewhat inconsistent with the corresponding state of affairs. Deputies talk about the dangers of passive relaxation with numerous alcohol libations and eating junk food. For some families, the situation may be real, but after a few days of vacation, a substantial part of citizens have no money either for alcohol or for harmful food excesses.

Consequently, long holidays for the New Year, potentially harm the liver and figure of only a small part of citizens. The rest at this time can just sleep off, relax or find time to go with the family to the rink, a walk around the city, a trip to relatives.

Some authorities understand this, continuing to insist on the need to leave a long New Year's holiday. In their opinion, this is important for strengthening families, as parental relaxation coincides with school holidays in children. This approach allows parents to become closer with their own children, and not leave them alone at home, forced to go to work. There are other versions that support the holiday for the New Year. This is the peak of health after the holidays. A number of employees in various fields of activity, due to the presence of “half-vacation” in the remaining days of January, manage to do a volume of work comparable to a full month. Moreover, the effect persists even in February, and sometimes in March.

Economic reasons for the potential cancellation of the holidays

Some politicians sincerely talk about why they consider it necessary to cancel or shorten the New Year holidays. Others hide behind caring for people, talking about health and passive rest, disastrous for well-being. In most cases, attempts to reduce the January holiday are of an economic nature.

Financiers provide calculations confirming that such a long period of rest causes economic damage to the country. In fact, cash transactions in the first ten days of January lose their volume tens or even hundreds of times. Large companies do not transfer funds, people do not give out bonuses, citizens spend less and less in stores every day of rest.

The banking sector takes maximum damage. Here, lost profits, and a percentage drop in cash turnover, and a decrease in statistics on the issuance of loans. Therefore, politicians of different levels say that the abolition of the New Year holidays in Russia will benefit the citizens themselves, because the stability of the country's economic situation also determines the life of its inhabitants.

What can replace the New Year holidays

Saying that they want to cancel the New Year holidays, some deputies offer some alternatives. Some of the proposed is quite acceptable. In particular, there is an option that offers not to transfer the weekend from the New Year holidays to January, but to end the holiday with Christmas. Days of transfer can be sent to May, which summer residents remind about every year.

It also seems quite acceptable version, which implies simply a rejection of the days of the transfer, completing the New Year holidays on January 7. From the 8th, people go to work, rested, but not tired of idleness. At the same time, the option that leaves the current order of the New Year holidays is still relevant.

Tough offers! Among the many projects to cancel, extend or modernize the New Year holidays, there were versions with extremely limited vacations. Onishchenko suggests making the weekend December 31 and January 1. In his opinion, the second number should already be working.

Almost the same version is put forward by another politician. Only at the same time as expressed by a short New Year's holiday, he offers to distribute the remaining days by other dates, making some professional holidays official. Those. rest is distributed throughout the year, without creating a long period that affects the country's economy and the well-being of citizens.

Estimated timelines for final decision

Waiting for the winter holidays to be canceled, people annually spill tens of thousands of inaccurate data, various rumors and “supposedly” verified information from proxies into the network. All this is heating up the situation, making people nervous.

Moreover, they all know that if such a law is adopted, then the population will be notified about it in newspapers, on television and in other media. In addition, a large number of citizens know about the rule for approving holidays for next year. This happens closer to the end of autumn, almost on the eve of the next new year. Accordingly, when the holidays are canceled, then they will not be included in the list of vacations for the next year. In the meantime, everything remains at the level of rumors.

Whether the New Year holidays will be canceled in 2020 or not is still unknown with 100 percent certainty. The final decision will be announced closer to the end of 2019, when the country's president will approve the production calendar for the next 12 months. However, all possible versions of the development of events have already been voiced, so you just need to wait, some option will definitely happen. It is desirable that this be an option that suits most of the citizens of our country, and not the entire multitude of officials.

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