2020, which animal according to the Slavic calendar

The ancient Slavs had their own special calendar, according to which each year had its own symbol. Many ancient traditions have long lost their relevance, but horoscopes are still of some interest. To find out the year 2020 of which animal according to the Slavic calendar, you should go a little deeper into history.

Totems symbolize a specific animal that has its own characteristic. It not only protects all signs, but also endows them with part of its character. Depending on their compatibility, the horoscope for the coming year for each sign may differ. For some, he will be successful in the profession and business, and someone will recommend to be more careful.

The symbol of 2020 is the Spinning Misgir, which has a special character. The spider has not only an unusual appearance, but also has a special gift of uniting people. He perfectly manages a large company and is able to control a lot. At the same time, he is a good family man and is a zealous guardian of traditions and foundations. The Slavic horoscope will help you learn in more detail about how the totem will affect the entire coming year, and what it will be for all signs.

Calendar of the ancient Slavs

In the days of paganism in Russia, a totem year book was used. The horoscope cycle, in which each year took place under the auspices of a certain animal, consisted of 16 years. To determine which next year is coming, the Slavs counted each new year. Each 16-year was Great, and completed a large sixteen-year cycle.

The Slavic calendar began from the day of the vernal equinox. New Year was celebrated on March 21 (according to the new style). From the calendar, the Slavs found out whose year is called, and when the new sign begins. Depending on the date of birth, each character was counted precisely from the date when a new Summer came.

New Year symbolized the end of winter and the awakening of all life from hibernation. This formed the basis of the Slavic horoscope, in which not only every month of birth, but also the year has its patron totem.

The Slavic calendar opens on 21-22 and ends on the night of March 15-16. The period from March 16 to March 22 is called Christmas time. It is considered the period between InterTimes and does not fall under any of the totems. If the date of birth falls precisely for this period, the previous totem should be considered.

Totems and their characteristics

The sixteen-year cycle is repeated, so it’s easy to calculate the totem. To find out whose year will be coming, it is enough to subtract from the desired date, or add 16 years.



Dark Sokh (Elk) 2008

Opens the Dark Sokh calendar. The Slavs considered this animal the strongest and attributed leadership qualities to it. He has a proud and swift character, as well as an amazing ability to persuade. He does not need to doubt - Dark Sokh has a great intuition. People born under the auspices of this symbol easily achieve their goals.

Stinging Hornet (Wasp) 2009

This insect is very active, and never sits in place. People who are patronized by the Wasp have good intuition. An active character combined with determination allows them to achieve considerable heights in their careers.

Despite the mass of positive features, they can be quite caustic. By nature, thrifty, sometimes too economical, on the verge of stinginess. Morality is not an obstacle for them - they are ready to do anything to achieve their goal.

Lurking Lute (Wolf) 2010

The wolf protects all those born in his years. The nature of the totem may seem mild, but far from it. By nature, Lute is strong and courageous, ready to prove himself at the most unexpected moment. He will be a good friend who will always come to the rescue, but will not tolerate lies and hypocrisy.

Fiery Veksha (Squirrel) 2011

A small nimble animal, characterized by unusual dexterity and mobility. Squirrel never sits in place - she can do several things at once. Veksha has a cheerful, playful character, which helps her even in the most difficult situations to find a worthy exit. People who are patronized by this totem very well acquire new knowledge and skills, are able to quickly assess the situation and choose the right solution.

Pearl Pike 2012

The totem has a strong serious character, which helps to achieve your goal. Pike does not like experiments - she trusts only her own knowledge, therefore she will never take risks. Conservatives by nature, Pikes are reluctant to accept any innovations. They are good friends who will not be hypocrites and support in difficult times. We are always ready to independently solve any problems, which we often succeed in due to hard work and diligence.

Bearded Toad 2013

One of the wisest totems. Thanks to knowledge and good intuition, they get along well with others. Easy to communicate, they are always modest and will not share personal. Toad is a good owner, for whom it is very important that there is prosperity and order in the house. She gladly invites guests, but reluctantly visits.

One of the hallmarks of the character of the Toad is its ability to enjoy even the little things. She does not build illusions and always looks really at life. He knows how to appreciate what he has, believes in love and marriage.

Wild Boar 2014

Very brave and courageous, which is almost impossible to scare. He is always ready to answer his enemies, even if the forces are not equal. A distinctive feature of character is constancy and determination. The boar always achieves its goals, not retreating halfway. If he gets down to business, he will certainly complete it. Despite the inner strength, Boar sometimes needs rest in order to recover.

White Owl 2015

Like other birds, Eagle Owl or Owl are distinguished by a love of personal freedom. He will not be equal to others, so he feels comfortable only in the circle of close people. In an unfamiliar environment, they feel uncomfortable, and rarely appear in noisy companies. People born under the auspices of this symbol often have good intuition and psychic abilities.

Hissing 2016

The very delicate, vulnerable character of Uzh often becomes a cause of loneliness. However, these people are always happy with their life and believe in love. It is very important that a strong reliable friend appears next to the defenseless Uzh, ready to understand his difficult character. Despite the secretive and modest nature, they are distinguished by great industriousness. Among them are many philosophers and scientists.

Crouching Fox 2017

A cunning extraordinary character helps Fox not only in his career, but also in his personal life. He can quickly and easily achieve any goal. A distinctive feature of the character of the Fox is energy and enthusiasm. They are open to everything new, but not frivolous. Only his close people know about the real character of the Fox, for the sake of which he is ready to make any sacrifices.

Despite the fact that people of this sign may seem superficial and harmless, do not get in their way. They are ready to give a worthy rebuff to the offender, while they will never do this from behind. Fox fills his life with interesting events, loves traveling and making new acquaintances. He will become the most faithful and reliable friend if you manage to gain his trust.

Curled Hedgehog 2018

A reliable and dedicated sign that will become a good friend. Hedgehog will be betrayed by his soulmate if he decides to get married. You can always turn to them and, despite the unpredictability of character, they will always come to the rescue. Hedgehogs are not hypocrites and do not lie, they can be entrusted with the most secret secret.

Easy communication allows them to have many friends, but this does not prevent them from being monogamous. In family life, they are calm and balanced, always willing to compromise. They possess excellent memory even to the smallest details. This helps them achieve good results in their studies and work.

Soaring eagle 2019

Despite the fact that the totem endowed the people of his year with a proud character, they are great friends and wonderful parents. They always know well what they want, and easily achieve their goals. The eagle will never refuse help, will not go to deception or a rash deal. However, they adhere to their own rules. Eagle should not be forced to do something that is contrary to its principles.

The eagle is ambitious and confident in its abilities, therefore it is often beaten out in the lead. Among this sign are many leaders and excellent organizers. Despite the fact that the Eagle gives a lot of time to work, he always finds time for his family. He will be a great family man who will protect his loved ones, even if they are not nearby.

Upcoming Misgir 2020

The coming year will be held under the auspices of this family sign. The spider has an extraordinary character and excellent ability to unite people with a wide variety of interests. He is always in the spotlight and enjoys great authority. Thanks to his extraordinary creative potential, he can simultaneously perform several tasks, which he always brings to the end.

Among the Spiders there are many composers and poets, public figures and teachers. Sometimes it may seem that Mizgir is a careerist. However, this is only part of the truth. A spider loves power and strives for it, but will never step over its principles and will not use others. A spider needs a family - it will be its reliable support and protection.

Screaming cock 2021

People of this sign have a sharp ambitious character. Roosters love to draw attention to themselves, even if this is not particularly necessary. Sometimes they commit rash acts that may be contrary to common sense. Despite this, they quickly realize that they made a mistake.

Roosters love their loved ones, especially children. This mark is considered very controversial. On the one hand, Roosters are workaholics; they are ready to devote themselves to the most complex tasks. They are not afraid of difficulties and often achieve their goal. On the other hand, they can easily refuse the most attractive contract, if this will prevent them from spending time with their families.

Golden-Horn Tour 2022

A very controversial sign that combines good nature and rage. The people sponsored by Tours are distinguished by their courage and courage. They are not afraid of difficulties and are always ready to help. However, if you get in their way, be prepared to face a serious rebuff.

Tours are great friends, but it is very difficult to converge with people. Communication with them should not go beyond decency, otherwise they can behave very aggressively. It should also be remembered that the Tours are the owners, they will protect and protect everything that belongs to them.

Firemane Horse 2023

People born under the auspices of this totem are very straightforward and honest. Sometimes this can lead to conflict, but more often they find a compromise. It is difficult to call them family and home people. He prefers to spend most of his free time traveling, in the company of friends, or playing sports.

Horoscope for 2020

The forward Mizgir gets along well with all the signs, so he will support their undertakings in everything. However, it should be borne in mind that you cannot transfer all responsibility only to the patron saint of the year. It will help to achieve your goals if you make the right choice. If you went the wrong way, he can warn you - you will definitely see his signs.

On the whole, the year ruled by Forward Mizgir promises to be prosperous. This year you can start a family and think about having a baby. In 2020, you can solve any sore problem if your loved ones are nearby.

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