Children born in 2020 - what they will be

Even in biblical times, the location of the stars was important not only for sailors and travelers. By the night luminaries, it was once possible to determine the time and place of birth of an extraordinary person, whose name is known everywhere. Also, the sages knew that the fate awaits the baby, destined a long time ago by the creator of everything that exists. So say the legends of bygone years, but modern astrologers, without any doubt, argue that human life is determined by stars. Followers of ancient beliefs know that children born in 2020 will certainly be special, and which ones exactly will be hinted by the Iron Rat, which is a symbol of the future time period.

What character will boys and girls have: a forecast for infancy and early childhood

Turning to the wisdom of the East, we learn that children whose birth year fell on the Iron Rat are called a gift of fate for their parents. Having matured, they will become a reliable support for their mothers and fathers. In early infancy, they will cause a lot of trouble:

  • will be restless, constantly in need of guardianship;
  • try to solve any problem with a loud cry;
  • require constant attention and a consistently warm attitude to yourself.

Expect that the baby is about to grow up and cease to need so much maternal and paternal attention is not worth it - the warmth of the family, constant, unquenchable, all childhood will be greedily consumed. Followers of strict upbringing may be outraged by such a frantic need for attention and guardianship for the child, but in response to their objections, it should be noted that children born under the sign of the Iron Rat cannot be spoiled by an overabundance of love. They absorb it and keep it, so that in the future to give out in full and the first in the series of recipients will be those who have put all of themselves into the education of such an individual.

Get ready to put yourself on the altar of love at the moment when a child born in 2020 is born. Expect that sacrifice will certainly pay off in those years when you will be weak and weak.

What the zodiac signs say: monthly horoscope

The common character trait of the children, whose life will begin in 2020, will be largely determined by the elements. Metal will give babies stubbornness that cannot be eradicated with time, on the contrary, it will only become stronger. In some situations, this quality can create a problem, in others it will solve it. Some personality traits will also determine the signs of the Horoscope.

Zodiac signChild character


Aries child will grow up a rebel and a fidget. The passionate love of independence will get along with the constant need to feel the support of native people. Parents of such a tomboy can be advised to forget about the usual principles of education and look for individual ways of contact with the baby.


People of this sign are obstinate and Rat will not smooth this line. The child will resist parental authoritarianism, however, he will be able to accept the opinion of adults, if it is presented in an accessible form. Kids Taurus will delight their parents with their zeal and thoroughness in the performance of any business.


The main characteristic of the twin babies will be the indefatigable desire to get ahead of everyone. It will be expressed from an early age. Such a baby will learn to walk, talk, read and ride a bicycle faster than anyone. The rapid manifestation of different talents must be disciplined.


The stubbornness of the Rat will recede into the background if the baby Cancer appears in the family. He will be docile and modest, perhaps even too much. Parents will have to figure out how to occupy the baby and how to develop their abilities - he himself will not show his interest due to some infantility.

A lion

The child Leo will attract the attention of the whole family, and this trend will continue not only in the first year of life, but also in the future. The baby will be radiant, active and always noticeable. At matinees in the garden he will always be given the main roles, in school he will instantly become a leader.


Parents who dream of a calm and sweet baby in all respects should plan the conception so that the birth occurs in September, when the Virgin is born. In addition to innate modesty, the child will be smart, successful in school, hardworking and stubborn in achieving his goal.


There will be no special problems in raising a child under the sign of Libra. At school age, he will have a craving for music, dancing. Convincing the student is not worth it, because both will turn out great and a hobby can one day become a profession.


All the stubbornness of the Rat will be reflected in the child Scorpio. It is necessary to prepare for a difficult character. There will be everything: quarrels, fights, aggression. If it is necessary to achieve the goal, resorting to deception and manipulation, then they will go into the course. You can smooth the corners only with forgiving love.


The energies of the little Sagittarius can be envied. A smart, active and independent kid will always find a job and playmates. It will be necessary to restrain the child's indomitable agility carefully, not to crush authority.


The child almost immediately abandons the games for the baby and tries to step into the adult world. Science will be easily given to him and he will find many interests for himself, but with peers it will be difficult to establish contact.


The originality of Aquarius will become noticeable as soon as he learns to speak. The kid will try to solve any problems in an unusual way. Parents who left him free will raise a happy person.


Parents of Pisces need to remember that their baby is a dreamer. He will come up with a whole world around him and refuse to live according to the laws of the real. You need to return to reality carefully, for example, write in a theater circle.

Karmic task of children for months:

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