The Young Family Program in 2020

There is good news for people creating a family. In 2019, they are presented with several benefits aimed at improving housing conditions and welfare. But in order to receive these subsidies, one must be entitled to them. But you should hurry up with making payments. The Young Family Program ends in 2020. Why such a rush, because there is still so much time ahead? The fact is that no one will transfer money right away. We must stand in line, collect and correctly fill out all the documents, and many more other nuances that affect the design. The Young Family program is part of the help that lawmakers promise families in their order. Decree No. 1050 contains a complete list of measures aimed at improving the housing issue and paying for housing and communal services.

Housing government program: what is it for?

The situation of young families in Russia has always caused a lot of controversy, even among senior officials. Young people are the future of the country. But it is precisely these sections of the population that have the most difficulty. Young specialists do not see high posts, and, accordingly, salaries. We have to develop seniority, prove our competence in production matters, and gain the trust of superiors and managers.

The state, realizing these difficulties, has developed a special program "Affordable Housing". According to it (the program), certain categories of the population may qualify for some subsidies that are allocated from the budget. A list of people eligible for math care will be presented in the next section.

In short, we note that this material assistance is issued for the purchase of an apartment / house in ownership or for the payment of expenses for the construction of a private cottage.

Who is eligible for help?

A circle of persons who meet the basic conditions upon the occurrence of which such a right arises is entitled to receive this subsidy. In simple words, these are families:

  • whose age has not reached the mark of 35 years (except for children);
  • not owning a sufficient quadrature of housing (the norm is determined by Article 51 of the Housing Code).

These are two mandatory requirements that must be met. But that's not all. Below are the basic requirements.

  1. Applicants must have Russian passports.
  2. Formally registered marriage.
  3. Single parent raising a child.

According to the last paragraph, the parent must also not be more than 35 years old. The presence of Russian citizenship in this case is required.

For what purposes is the help given: latest news

As mentioned above, a subsidy to young families is paid for the purchase of new housing. But in our country, the purchase / sale relations are drawn up in different agreements and differ significantly. This is due to the economic characteristics of the relationship. To understand what a young family can count on, let us again turn to the 1050 decree.

But what kind of relationship, according to the official paper, the program applies.

  1. The usual contract of sale in the ownership of housing.
  2. Payment of the last payment under a cooperative agreement (housing, funded, etc.). At the same time, a condition for transferring housing to property immediately after payment is mandatory.
  3. Under a cottage construction contract.
  4. For a down payment on a mortgage / loan.
  5. Under an agreement with the organization when buying apartments, economy class.
  6. With the participation in shared construction. At the same time, it is necessary to enter the agreement into the Federal Register.
  7. Repayment of the main debt on a mortgage / loan.

These are the conditions that must be met when concluding a housing contract so that a subsidy can be assigned.

What documents are needed?

Before the subsidy becomes active to pay for its own housing, it still needs to be issued. To do this, contact your local authority. You need to bring your passports with you, as well as the birth certificate of the baby, if there is one in the family. Upon arrival, you will need to write a statement in two samples. The operator will take one copy, the second will be provided to you.

Important. Be sure to check that your copy is stamped with the date, incoming number, name, position, and also the signature of the recipient.

In addition to the papers described above, you must bring:

  • Marriage certificate;
  • decision on the need to improve / expand housing;
  • established documents that confirm family income;
  • certificate from the REU on the composition of the family;
  • certificate from the bank where the account is opened (Sberbank is suitable);
  • papers that confirm a clean credit history (needed if a mortgage is taken);
  • copies of documents confirming ownership of the house or apartment (if any);
  • a statement of the state of the bank account, or some other confirmation of the availability of funds to pay the bulk of the cost of housing (in case of purchase).

This list goes on for a very long time. For example, men, among other things, need to bring their military ID. If the family has two or more children, and she issued a certificate for maternity capital, then the certificate must also be provided. This will reduce the cost of a future apartment by almost 60%.

If you have drawn up an agreement in a housing construction cooperative (Housing cooperative), then it must also be provided with a certificate of ownership.

How is housing need determined?

Before you receive a certificate of payment, you need to take shape as a needy family. To do this, we turn to the official website on which the housing code is posted. We are interested in article 51. It is it that determines the minimum standards for providing housing.

For the country's regions, the figure is 10-14 square meters per 1 person. But if the house is recognized as emergency (there are documents), then regardless of the square, the family has the right to receive a subsidy for housing.

But the procedure for determining the minimum for each family member has its own characteristics. Let's look at them.

  1. If the young family does not have apartments in the property and the social security right is not used. At the same time, relatives should also not have their own real estate.
  2. When living with relatives, if each person has less than 14 square meters.
  3. If the family lives with a seriously ill person.

It is important to understand that actual residence does not matter. Registration is taken into account. It is on the basis of it that the minimum norm is calculated.

How is the payout calculated?

To determine the amount that the state is guaranteed to transfer to young people, the law has a simple formula. She looked like this:

(average cost of 1 square meter of housing in the region) * (minimum size of living space).

From the obtained value is taken from 30 to 40 percent (depending on what the family can count on). The resulting figure is the money that will go from the budget to partially repay the cost of housing.

The main requirement that must be met when transferring money: the apartment immediately becomes the property, by issuing a certificate.

How to act?

After the documents are collected, they are taken to the local administration. There you write a statement. After that, the administration employees are given 10 days to decide on your subsidies. The answer must be in writing. When the positive side is accepted, your further actions are as follows:

  • get a certificate;
  • you carry it to the bank in which you previously opened an account;
  • get a loan from the bank by filling out all the relevant documents (if any);
  • after receipt of money from the state to the bank account within 9 months to buy housing;
  • register it as a property;
  • bring a documentary report to the administration.

After that, your apartment.

Housing program: what are the features?

The program is federal in nature (that is, it operates throughout Russia). But the conditions in each region are their own. Local authorities have every right to set the amount of payments in their city. This became possible due to the flexibility of legislative act No. 1050. In particular, the norm contains a calculation formula with which you can determine the estimated cost of an apartment or house.

The housing program aims to help young people in the community who have recently entered into a family union. To implement the measures provided for by 1050 decree, parliamentarians allocate money to pay part of the cost of housing.

The formula is spelled out in paragraph 16 of the annexes to the above decree. It has two variables, one of which varies depending on the region of calculation. This is the standard cost per square meter of housing. For example, the Moscow region is different in price from Moscow in a smaller direction, and significantly. If in the capital the average price is 90-100 thousand rubles, then in Bryansk this value is 30-35 thousand rubles.

In addition, Moscow has a different interest rate. It is equal to 30% and 35% of the cost of housing, depending on the presence or absence of children in the family. For other regions, the value is increased by 5% for each case.

On the Internet, the question often arises: "will the program be canceled in 2020?" Subsidizing families, according to an official document, is carried out from 2015 to 2020. That is, until December 31, 2020, young families can still apply for material assistance. After this date, you can’t apply for money. But those who have already received a certificate will be able to count on payment in 2021.

For reference. In early 2019, President V. Putin announced his decision on the need to amend the social housing program. According to him, the mortgage under the program should be reduced to 6% for the entire period. The performance was part of the annual appeal to the federal assembly. Moreover, Vladimir Putin obliged to introduce the norm retroactively (January 1, 2019). A month later, an official paper was published that established a 6% mortgage rate for large cells of society. Such an approach in the country will be able to provide housing for even families with low incomes. The use of three subsidies at once: matkapital, social network and the program "Young Family" will significantly reduce the cost of acquiring housing.

It is important to note that if the parents of the wife or husband have their own apartment, then this area affects the calculation of the minimum rate. That is, even if the family does not live with relatives, but is registered there, then they cannot count on financial assistance.

Will the program be extended?

According to Decree 1050, the action of the Young Family subprogramme ends in 2020. That is, if parliamentarians do not indicate or make additions before this period, the program will end. Moreover, those who managed to get a certificate will retain the opportunity to receive money in 2021.

Until the end of 2020, another 1.5 years. During this time, the country can change a lot. Therefore, it is too early to talk about the fate of young families who have not yet managed to take advantage of this subsidy. Maybe in 2020 the president will oblige officials to extend the decree, or to develop a new program in return.

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