Lunar eclipse in 2020 in Russia

There are people who still perceive this natural phenomenon with caution. They are sure that magical events are connected with him. Therefore, it is no coincidence that they are interested in whether there will be a lunar eclipse in 2020 in Russia.

The nature of this event

If the Moon is the cause of the solar eclipse, then the lunar eclipse does not occur because a satellite closes some kind of celestial body. Our satellite ceases to be visible when the Earth, illuminated from the other side by the Sun, gives a shadow to this celestial object. At this moment, the disk of the moon has a reddish tint. This usually happens when the satellite is in the full moon phase. Lunar eclipses, like solar ones, come in different types:

  • full;
  • partial;
  • penumbra.

The latter are quite common. They are difficult to notice just like that, not armed with special instruments. To do this, at a minimum, there must be a telescope. Cases when the Moon enters the penumbra of our planet are mainly of interest to astronomers.

When will the lunar eclipses

In 2020, four lunar eclipses will occur. They can be observed all over the planet, where at this moment the moon is visible. All eclipses will be penumbral in nature. To observe them, you need to know their exact time.

So, in the coming year, the following lunar eclipses can be observed:

date ofTimeCharacteristic
10.01.2022:21 m.v.It will be noticeable in Africa, Asia, Europe, including Russia. Absolute peak at the coordinates: 20 ° 00'13. The penumbra of our planet will be below. The satellite will arrive in the constellation: Cancer.
05.06.2022:12 m.Places of the best view: Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, including the southwestern part of Russia.

Absolute peak at the coordinates: 15 ° 34'03. The penumbra of our planet will be below. The satellite will arrive in the constellation: Sagittarius.

05.07.207:44 m.Best Observation Points: Africa, North and South America. Peak phase in coordinates: 13 ° 37'48. The penumbra of our planet will close the moon from above. The satellite will be in the constellation: Capricorn.
30.11.2012:30 m.You can observe in such places: Australia, North and South America, Asia. In Russia, the eclipse will not be visible. Absolute peak at the coordinates: 8 ° 38'01. The penumbra of our planet will be on top. The satellite will be in the constellation: Gemini.

Mid dates

This name has days between the nearest eclipses. Next year they will correspond to the following calendar numbers:

  • 03.20;
  • 06.20;
  • 06.20;
  • 09.20;
  • 12.20.

Astrologers do not advise these days and three days before and after to deal with serious problems, start something, solve problems in your personal life and improve your health. It is also not recommended to fly on airplanes. Otherwise, all this can turn into serious problems.

Opinion of esotericists and astrologers

According to representatives of astrological science, eclipses greatly affect the fate of man. They are taken into account when drawing up natal charts and horoscopes.

If a person was born on the day of the eclipse, this cannot but affect his future life. Esotericists are sure that any cosmic events change the course of events on Earth. They can entail both positive and negative events. Eclipses of the Moon, as a rule, complete a life process. A few days before and after the eclipse are considered a dangerous time. These days, it is difficult to control all areas of activity and fully evaluate events. This period is filled with negative energy.

Between solar and lunar eclipses there is a so-called corridor of eclipses. At this time, the most important events occur that can completely change a person’s life. If a solar eclipse occurs at the beginning of the corridor, it lays the foundation for new changes, and vice versa, a lunar eclipse puts an end to former affairs.

The effect of lunar eclipses on human health

Unlike solar eclipses, which affect the mental state of people, lunar eclipses affect the human hormonal system. Old diseases may worsen and physical weakness may be observed.

During eclipses, the concentration of people's attention worsens. Because of this, injuries and accidents are becoming more frequent. The crime situation is also exacerbated. The number of crimes and the number of suicides is increasing. This is evidenced not only by the world, but also by the Russian police statistics.

The attitude of our ancestors to eclipses

In the solar eclipse, our luminosity fades, and in the lunar eclipse, the satellite turns red. All this used to cause fear and horror among ancient people. They believed that such phenomena bring troubles and hardships. Our ancestors believed that such phenomena are a manifestation of the wrath of the gods. True, there were people who believed that eclipses are the actions of evil forces who want to disrupt their usual way of life and turn the world around into chaos. People believed in the power of good and believed that it was necessary to resist evil by performing certain ritual actions to scare away evil creatures. In the old days, it was customary to get together all and make noise in all possible ways. Someone shouted strongly, others rattled and knocked with the help of all kinds of objects. Such massive actions relieved stress to some extent, but could hardly help.

What is recommended today

At present, when the nature of this phenomenon is understood, it makes no sense to arrange such mass actions. Esotericists, on the contrary, advise to be alone with themselves during eclipse days. They also recommend all kinds of cleansing procedures. An hour before the eclipse, you can drink an infusion of soothing herbs or just pure spring water. Melt water is also suitable. A good option would be a contrast shower.

As for doctors, they advise you not to burden your body. It is better during this period to limit the intake of heavy foods, high-calorie and fatty foods. People who have a chronic illness should have the right medication on hand. This applies to cores and hypertensives. Healthy people should reduce the use of alcohol and other harmful things.

Astrologers recall that the action of eclipses begins a few days before and after the event itself. During this period, you need to control your emotional state. It is better to refrain from visiting crowded places and try to avoid conflict situations. You also need to control not only your actions, but also your words.

You can carry out the following ritual:

  1. Light a candle.
  2. Put a mirror.
  3. Looking into it, you need to clearly articulate the shortcomings that you want to get rid of.
  4. A few minutes before the eclipse, you need to close your eyes and imagine that all these shortcomings are inherent only in your reflection.
  5. Next, you should mentally transform the image in the mirror into a kind of ball and push it into infinity.
  6. It is necessary to imagine that the ball moves away from you and decreases in size.
  7. The ritual should be continued until the ball disappears completely.
  8. After that, you can open your eyes and put out the candle.

Existing Superstition

It is not strange, in our time there are still people who believe in the existence of otherworldly forces. In order to prevent them from entering the house during eclipses, such people tightly close windows and doors.

There are also people who believe that weddings cannot be held on these days and that children born on eclipse days have special qualities.

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