What can not be cooked for the New Year 2020

The mistress of the coming year is a metal rat. Among the remaining animals of the Chinese horoscope, this sign is distinguished by an exceptional mind, and no one can boast more quick wits than this creature. The rodent loves traditions, therefore it is necessary to appease it - to put various dishes on the holiday table. Prepare treats for the New Year 2020 with caution, because some products can not be used, otherwise the Rat will be offended.

What are the signs

If the rat were a clearly evil and treacherous creature, then it would never have appeared in the Chinese horoscope, because becoming a symbol of the year is a privilege worthy of the elect. And one of the existing ones about these animals, will accept, says:

A rat running into a house promises wealth.

Be careful not to see rodents running away from your house - this is definitely a bad sign, which, incidentally, is far from a mystical basis.

It is hardly possible to find rats in a modern house or apartment if, of course, you are not the owner of a domestic animal. Owners of rats simply think over the menu for the new year, noting the gastronomic preferences and taboos of their pet. The rest will help the experience of knowledgeable people.

What not to eat. Hot dish

In gastronomic selectivity, the Rat cannot be reproached - it will be relished by everything that only falls under its paw. Meanwhile, not all products and dishes are useful to her, any rodent owner knows this. Fatty, smoked and richly seasoned meat can be tasty, but harmful to anyone, be it an animal or a person. With this in mind, refuse to purchase pork and do not waste money on lard. Also, do not look closely at the carcasses of nutria. The meat of this animal is tender and dietary, but if you recall what the animal looks like, you can notice a lot in common with the usual rat, but there is something that resembles the symbol of the year - the bad manners.

Cook with a slow cooker and set aside the pan!

Permitted for the year of the Rat meat is recommended to cook as you like, but just do not fry. Consider healthier options:

  • quenching;
  • baking;
  • grilling;
  • cooking.

Salads and snacks. What can not be put on the New Year's table

It’s great if your “crown” salads are prepared without cabbage and legumes. It will be easier for you to make the menu according to the eating habits of the Rat. The rodent does not like them, and if he, nevertheless, feasts something like that, then this will cause him food poisoning. If you still decide to go against the prohibitions, then at least try to cook these products in an appropriate way - boil, not fry or stew.

Any citrus for rats is not usable due to the high acid of their juice. This moment cannot but cause exclamations of discontent - what kind of a festive table is it without mandarin and how to do without salad with oranges, snacks with lemon? Such a taboo can be broken a little if you remember that the main thing on New Year's Eve is to have a positive attitude. The rat will feel your intentions, like any mystical creature, at the level of intuition, and will not be able to annoy, even if you use citrus fruits as the basis for all dishes.

Radish and radish salads also do not like Rat. Even big admirers of these root crops will not be offended by their absence on the table if they find salads from boiled beets, carrots, fresh lettuce, sprinkled with dill and parsley. To this, these rodent products of plant origin have no objection.

Forbidden side dishes for the celebration of the year of the Rat

It is known that any cereals Rat are welcome. The only exception is semolina. Such a restriction is unlikely to cause a mass protest, because this cereal can be successfully replaced with rice, buckwheat, millet.

Potatoes are not too useful for a rodent, however, from time to time it still regales on boiled tubers without any displeasure or harm to health. This prohibition cannot be categorically considered, yes, everyone’s favorite mashed potatoes on the New Year’s table are not welcome, but on the other hand, it’s not forbidden to add some potatoes to different salads.

Undesirable desserts and drinks for the meeting of the leap year

The rat loves dishes made from fruits that are naturally sweet. The animal does not accept, all that contains a tangible amount of acid:

  • kiwi;
  • citrus;
  • grenades;
  • sour varieties of apples, persimmons.

There are also prohibitions regarding pastry desserts. The gray mistress of the year does not really favor muffin and prefers more dietary options:

  • curd products;
  • kefir dough confectionery;
  • biscuit, oatmeal cookies;
  • whole grain baked goods.

When choosing drinks suitable for dessert, listen to the wishes of the Rat. She does not like coffee and does not accept sweet soda at all. Also quite wary, like any other animal, the rodent refers to strong alcohol. If everyone can refuse a cup of coffee and a cup with a carbonated drink, then many questions arise regarding alcohol - what can be replaced? The answer is right away, if you remember how much the Rat loves everything related to sugar and fruits - make cocktails, where any traditional alcohol for this holiday can be added.

To avoid confusion with what the Rat does not like, use the cheat sheet in the form of a table!

Unwanted Products Degree of objectionability
Pork Highly undesirable
Boiled potatoesSuppose a small amount
Cabbage, radishStrongly not allowed in the menu
CitrusSmall allowable
Kiwi, sour applesNot welcome
Carbonated drinks with sugar, coffeeStrongly Inadmissible

Dishes for the New Year. Tradition to surprise

Any housewife has several excellent recipes, according to which it is always possible to deliciously cook different dishes. This gastronomic piggy bank needs to be updated from time to time with new ideas, otherwise, how to surprise loved ones and how to learn a new taste? We offer you recipes for turning simple products into real taste bombs!

Salad Zimushka

You will need fresh chicken liver (200 g). It needs to be washed and cleaned of films, ligaments. Add a raw egg to the liver. Use a blender to mix and grind these 2 ingredients. Use salt and spices, at your discretion, introduce flour, so that the mixture turns out like a pancake dough. Fry the contents of the bowl in a pan - act like you do when making pancakes. Grind the resulting liver workpieces into strips. While this ingredient cools, take care of the red onion. Grind the whole cooking in half rings. Add pickled cucumbers (2 pcs.) To the onion and add 200 g of Korean carrots and liver straws here. Dill greens will make the salad taste even brighter - just 1 small bunch is enough. The last action - dressing the dish with mayonnaise (3 tablespoons).

Pine nuts stuffed beef rolls

The best piece of beef for this dish is a diaphragm (300 g). First, you need to grate with salt and a mixture of spices. The next step is to coat the slice with pesto sauce. Next, chop some pine nuts (1 tablespoon) and sprinkle the meat with this crumb. Wrap a piece of beef like this. to form a roll. Fixation will give toothpicks. The next stage is the roasting of rolls on moderately high heat. The last step is baking in the oven. The dish will reach readiness in a quarter of an hour.

Take a look at the table to know what foods to buy and what dishes you can prepare for the New Year.

ProductsReady meals
Poultry meat (chicken, turkey, duck)Stuffed dish, rolls, stew, chops, breast in batter
Sea and river fishBaked salmon with vegetables, cod truffles, baked carp with onions and lemon, pickled mackerel, pink salmon
Groats, vegetablesFried rice with garlic, buckwheat with mushrooms, rice with assorted frozen vegetables, zucchini and stuffed peppers
CheesesA variety of salads, fillings, sauces, cheese bombs, rolls with herbs and cheese.
FruitsSlices, salads with yogurt, cakes without baking, puddings, jelly

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