New Year's Eve 2020

New Year's holidays are the best time to get close to people who are nearby: relatives, friends, colleagues, classmates. Various recreational activities held help to know each other better, and a special atmosphere contributes to this. If you are tasked with organizing a festive program and you are considering what to include in it, then why not make scenes into it? Funny and extraordinary they will surely be liked and remembered by everyone who will celebrate the New Year 2020 with you.

Corporate event scene. Remembering the year that passed

You never know what will entrust you with leadership right before the holiday. If this time you got to organize a sketch for an office party and you don’t know how to get to business, then this section of the article is just for you! For the production of such a number does not require special props, costumes and lengthy rehearsals. The emphasis should be on artists. Choose the most emotional, liberated and cheerful colleagues to play in the scene and the holiday will surely succeed.

Connect all those present to the game, so they will not be distracted from what is happening and will follow the plot with great interest - what if they also have to participate in a new stage of the scene?

Once in spring

4 people take part in the sketch, plus a presenter reading a text from a leaflet.


  • Santa Claus stands in an unbuttoned sheepskin coat, his cap is on his side, his mustache and beard are disheveled. He always pronounces one phrase: “Happy New Year!”
  • Granddaughter of the Snow Maiden. Any elegant dress in the theme plus a hat and braids. Says the word "Grandpa!"
  • Mustafa. Wearing a turban and beard. He likes to say: “Oh, Allah!”
  • Akyn. Mandatory accessories: skullcap and tambourine.

The host reads the text and pauses at the moment when he comes to the place where the ellipsis stands. The actor speaks at that moment his cue and plus does what is indicated.

Guests are invited to create an atmosphere: to whistle, imitating the birds singing, to tap on the glasses - streams murmur.

Spring has come. Santa Claus is tired, barely walking along the road, whispering from time to time ... His granddaughter, exhausting herself from breath, muttering from the heat, mutters and groans ... They meet Mustafa, full of strength and cheerful. He hurries on a spring holiday with a bag of gifts. Aligning with the travelers, he exclaimed ... Akyn heard this exclamation and immediately began to howl a song ...., rattling a tambourine. To understand if Santa Claus is hallucinating in front of him, he grabs Mustafu by the nose and rips the shred out of his beard. Sighs in relief: "He is real ...". Granddaughter is unhappy with the behavior of her grandfather, exclaims ...! Mustafa, in a difficult situation, constantly repeats ... In the same bewilderment of Akyn, he loses his instrument and mutters ...

Finally, all the characters come to their senses and utter almost simultaneously: Santa Claus is proud ... The granddaughter is worried ... Mustafa is grateful ... and Akyn with a vengeance ... fiercely strumming a tambourine. Having identified the stars where the north is, Santa Claus leaves, it is important to say ... The Snow Maiden waves affably, kisses and runs away after her grandfather, shouting ... Grandfather Mustafa likes such attention, he whispers joyfully ... stroking his beard and leaves. Akyn wanted to continue his songs, but we will stop him from doing this, because it can go on forever ...

Funny and modern sketches for high school students

Let it come!

In the scene involved:

  • Snow Maiden;
  • high school students (3 people);
  • Santa Claus.

The host makes an announcement: “Dear children, you all need to hand over money of 200 rubles, otherwise no one will receive gifts.”

One of the boys reports eating chips: "But I will only hand over 50, the rest is gone." Eloquently shakes chips. Santa Claus begins to pull out presents from the bag and says: "To all the kids for a present: who has sweets, who has a phantom with Pepsi Cola, but Vasechka can't, he has gastritis, so he’s smect and oatmeal!

One boy buzzes pityingly: “I need brains, like Bill Gates, please! At least give it a little, I dream to get rich! ”

Santa Claus: “Listen, why such difficulties? Now I’ll hit a staff and you will have 10 million dollars! ”

"No no. I don’t need it, brains, please! ”

“For the New Year, dreams should come true. Here, get it! ”

The boy is shocked: “What a nerd I am! He refused such a sum of money! ”

Santa Claus is good-natured: “Guys, let’s call the one without whom no holiday can do. Come on in chorus! ”

The guys shout together: “Police, police!”

It turns out taken aback Snegurochka: "Well, so no one has yet called me!"

“Will we call the New Year?” Ah, was not let him come! ”


In addition to the host, a cleaning lady in a bathrobe takes part in the room, with a real mop and a bucket of water.

Upon completion of the musical insert, a cleaning lady enters the scene with the presenter. He picks up a mop and starts mopping the floors. (Acting truly so that the audience has no doubt that the props are props) The host is indignant that the cleaning lady was so ceremoniously washing the floors during the performance.

The cleaner in cold blood: “You have all kinds of entertainments, but I have work! Go here, trample ... no shame, no conscience ... ”Washes the floors and grumbles. The host frowns, but then pulls himself together and continues to tell the public something. A cleaning lady dips a mop into the water, drives along the floor and goes to the place where the scene is closed by a curtain. Not noticeably changing his bucket of water to the same, but filled with confetti. He picks up a bucket, irritably rumbles up to the edge of the stage and “pours” the contents onto the audience. At first, everyone was dumbfounded by the "dirty water", then an explosion of laughter followed.

Interesting numbers for the school. How to entertain schoolchildren

Letter to Santa Claus

The action takes place at home. The girl and her mother are participating.

Schoolgirl: "Mom, I need a thicker general notebook, preferably 96 sheets."

Mom with surprise: “Why this?”

Schoolgirl: “I want to write a letter to Santa Claus. To be enough for all my desires. "

Mom: "Do not forget to write in the letter how you behaved this year."

Schoolgirl: “I can’t write what’s good - it’s not true. And if you say that it’s bad, then for such behavior he will not give me gifts. So be it: Grandfather Frost, I behaved quite original all year. ”

Teacher in anger

A boy and a teacher are participating.

The teacher says to the boy: “Well, how can you study so badly! Every day you get a deuce. If you continue in the same vein, your father will turn gray! ”

Boy: “A cool gift for him for the New Year! After all, my dad is completely bald! ”

Scene for kindergarten children

Missing Lariska

The following characters participate in the issue:

  • Shapoklyak;
  • Rat Lariska;
  • Snow Maiden;
  • Santa Claus;
  • leading;
  • cat Leopold;
  • the mice are thin and thick.

The host says the usual words of greeting, organizes a round dance. Suddenly, Shapoklyak comes running and calls for help.

"Save, help, my Lariska is gone!"

The host asks the children if they found out who visited them and if they want to help the old woman. He speaks:

“Let's call Larisa, maybe one of you has that name?”

Girls go out in a circle. Shapoklyak objects:

“None of them are similar and close to my Lariska. They have neither a tail, nor a gray coat, nor an antennae. ”

The host asks the children if they recognized from this description who the old woman is looking for. The children answer in chorus, and Shapoklyak asks to find her girlfriend: "If you find her, then I will try not to make you muck. Moreover, without her, no holiday will begin, because my rat is the mistress of the year! ”The host says that she will not be able to find a tailed and baleen girlfriend because she is afraid of her, but he has a familiar rodent specialist. On the stage to the song from the cartoon, the cat Leopold rides on a bicycle. The host asks the children to shout in chorus who came to visit them. Together they organize dances under the Christmas tree along with the mice from the cartoon.

The host finds gifts under the tree and suddenly pulls Lariska’s rat by the tail, which holds a bag of sweets in its paws. “And who is this here?”

Rat: “You didn’t guess? If I’m with sweets, it means that I’m Santa Claus! ”

A real Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden enter, congratulates everyone on the holiday. The host asks the children to guess who is Santa Claus, and who is the rat Lariska. After that, the review of the rooms that the children have prepared and the distribution of gifts begins.