Predictions of the future for Europe for 2020

The future is the secret behind seven castles. So important, longed for in comprehension for each person, but so unattainable ... Unknown always scares - this is in our nature. And therefore, by all means, we try to look behind this veil.

With bated breath, we listen to the words of prophets and seers, read the horoscopes of all traditions, look for fifth and tenth meanings in sacred ancient texts, and try to draw conclusions based on existing and scientific facts due to our own knowledge and logical abilities.

And today, on the eve of 2020, we will talk about what fate awaits Europe - our closest neighbor. The real heart of the planet, with its thousand-year-old traditions, the most powerful strongholds of religion and able to carry its head proudly through all the hardships and tragedies, preserve the precepts of personal freedom and mutual respect, by its inhabitants.

When to wait for the end of the world?

This question, perhaps, interests everyone on our planet. Indeed, you must admit, and suddenly it’s true - that’s all tomorrow ... Of course, scientists indignantly reject the hypotheses about all kinds of Nibiru, nearby supernova explosions, mega-asteroids, demagnetization of poles and other cataclysms. However, we, no, no, and we will begin to frantically seek confirmation or refutation of the coming Apocalypse.

To be honest, we all die. Well, sooner or later - how do you like? Only Duncan MacLeod could count on eternal life. However, this simple truth is not given to everyone. From time to time, this or that sect will arrange mass suicide, preparing for the next end of the world, and, fortunately, making a mistake.

Christians on this subject do not clearly unsubscribe: everything will be ready when it is ready. The Messiah has already left, but the path is not short, you understand. Other world religions are similarly intriguing. Pseudo-researchers of apocryphal texts, referring to John the Theologian, speak of the year 2098. And the monk Abel bequeathed to us to live until the 2780th.

Yes, and in general, not a bit the self-respecting figure in history, futurologist, astrologer or clairvoyant did not fail to speak on the topic. For example, Newton believed that finita for our comedy would come in 2060. And da Vinci, to the peak, in his favorite symbolism technique, ciphered the date of November 1, 4006 in The Last Supper ...

And how many prophecies can be thrown into the scrap? We have already survived a couple, supposedly “doomsday” from Nostradamus, several unfinished calendars with Easter, one personally from the nasty Mayans (a new edition of the calendar was brought up, don’t worry, everything’s okay), a prediction from the Matrona Moskovskaya in 2017 did not come true ...

In general, if, surprisingly, tenacious humanity begins to list absolutely all the "ends of the world" that have not come true for it, it ... will pass away. But, already from boredom. So, in 2020, we all need to live and live! And there’s nothing there ...

Wanga Predictions for Europe

For 2020, Vanga for Europe has two essentially opposite forecasts. On the one hand, from a certain European country, according to the Great Blind, a new Savior will come, who will change the course of history, trample along the foundations and old orders and establish a new just community in Europe.

At the same time, paper money will be forgotten forever - everyone will be transferred to digital calculations, and besides, a fundamentally new type of energy will be invented here, thanks to which the whole planet will jump off the hydrocarbon needle.

On the other hand, European lands will be covered by a massive religious conflict with mass casualties and hostilities between Christians and foreign immigrants - refugees from Islamic countries. As a result, Europe will be empty and almost all of its surviving citizens will flee to neighboring countries not affected by the disaster.

So, and understand how you want, how all this will be combined in one single year ... First, everyone will die, and then prosperity will come? Or will prosperity come first, and only then will the old woman of Europe order a long life?

Nostradamus about the future

Of course, in the quatrains of Nostradamus you will not find any exact date "2020". The old schemer did everything possible so that his records were decrypted by a very hopeless affair. However, researchers of his work still believe that it was in relation to 2020 that he prophesied the onset of the apogee of conflict between the East and the West (meaning the Middle East and North Africa).

Iran will go to war against Turkey, for which Europe will intercede, Egypt, Greece and the Balkans will fall, and it will be possible to stop the aggressor through very bloody wars, however, these countries, including Turkish lands, will remain under Iranian control.

And the most powerful tectonic weapons will be invented, presumably by the DPRK or Russia, which, after testing beyond recognition, will change the face of our planet, and as a result, we will gradually wither away by ourselves. China will become the leading power of the world, and all developing countries will live only by blackmailing the EU and America.

The UN headquarters will be moved to Geneva, and the Antichrist will come to the information space ... There are also thoughts that he believed that in 2020 a powerful movement of unification of the Catholic and Christian world will emerge in Ukraine, which will be destined to renew and transform religion, under the leadership which our entire planet will come to the long-awaited zen.

Did Messing make predictions?

Unfortunately, the great mentalist of the last century about 2020 did not say anything and never. Unless vaguely hinted that the Third World War would not happen, no matter how people tried to untie it. Which is not surprising, because he mainly worked with predictions of the future for his contemporaries, people with whom he had contact in life.

Elder Abel about Europe in 2020

The legendary monk Abel, although he has never been counted among saints, is popular in our country, sometimes much more than many canonized ones. And the whole point is that his prophecies are surprising in that they came true often with amazing accuracy.

Specifically in chronology, however, he did not make forecasts with such accuracy, and even the monk’s books contain nothing about the future of Europe so distant from him. But, if we consider that he also ranked Russia as Europe, then he promised her a bright future under the control of the “Chosen One”, whose name will be repeated three times in history.

Many now, looking at this, immediately rushed to beat the nods of modern Russian authorities, however, judging by the truth, only the next Vladimir can become the third. For the one that was the first and the Great - the one that the Prince of Kiev and the Baptist - in fact, Abel could not call him anything other than Vasily, because the churchmen recognize only the baptismal name.

With Monomakh, of course, everything is unambiguous, if, however, it is not taken into account that he has a very indirect relation to the future Russian Empire - it is, rather, a character in Ukrainian history, and not some other.

There was, of course, still Comrade Vladimir Mstislavovich, Prince Vladimir-Volynsky, Drohobychsky, Tripolsky and Slutsky, but he occupied the Kiev table for only three months, since he was not completely suitable for the Grand Dukes. Or did Abel mean Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin? But only if the “Chosen One” is at least somehow “yes,” then “God”? Dismiss ...

The future of Europe in 2020 through the mouth of the Matrona of Moscow

If you step over the date of August 19, 2017, which the Matron of Moscow appointed the end of the world, and consider it simply a misunderstanding or an incorrect interpretation of her thoughts, in 2020 or a little later, in theory, there should be a revolution in Russia, after which, if the Russians do not advance they will drive out their rulers, who are pulling into their pockets, and will not change their minds; it will lose its statehood to the extent that we are accustomed to.

In this case, Europe, by the way, will significantly increase the Russian territories, however, the saint did not specify which powers they will be a part of.

Forecasts of modern seers and psychics

In the modern field of mediums, clairvoyants and fortune-tellers with experience, you can mow a rich harvest of all kinds of predictions on the topic of the European future 2020.

For example, the well-known “Kazakh Vanga”, Vera Lyon, promises a fertile, but annoying year of ice rains (the real Vanga, by the way, spoke of abnormal heat and drought), the invention of a revolutionary type of spacecraft, after which it would be possible to approach more seriously outward expansion. Still, in her opinion, cars on a gravitational pillow and "flying" ones on a thin rail or electric wire will come into use.

Another "Vanga" - many believe that it was this girl that the first Great Blind appointed Kaede as her successor, confirms information about the great war with Muslims, possibly using biological weapons. In Germany, there will be many bloody terrorist attacks, and in Ukraine, a person from the United States will come to power after Poroshenko.

But Vladimir Mikaev, a psychic from Russia, promises a natural and technological disaster, and at the same time, the consequences of a powerful economic crisis will cover us, according to Iranian Mehdi Ebragimi-Waf, after which only a dozen world currencies, including the euro, will remain. By the way, the latter insists that even before the beginning of 2021, Russia will crush Ukraine and the Baltic states.

Vlad Ross

According to Vlad Ross, 2020 will be the starting point in the revival of Kievan Rus, which is destined to become the center and stronghold of all East Slavic peoples. It will be a spiritual and bloodless agglomeration based on friendship bridges stretched across Ukraine from Orthodoxy to Catholicism, on a common history, national ideas and folk traditions.

Opinion of the Buddhist Lama

The Dalai Lama unequivocally spoke out for the fact that over the next 20 years the planet will enter the era of its prosperity and permanent peace - supposedly all the prerequisites have formed for this. And, obviously, 2020 is destined to become a turning point in this sense.

However, such a vague and very streamlined statement for the Tibetan Lamas is already nonsense, because unlike the adherents of other religions, Buddhists do not make any forecasts at all.

The sages of Tibet can express their opinion on a particular issue, make some conclusions publicly, but they never claim the role of prophets and the ultimate truth, because this contradicts the canons of their tradition.

Astrological forecast from Pavel Globa

One of Pavel Globa’s old predictions said that no later than 2020 Crimea will leave Russia for Turkey ... He also supports the view that European and American business will go hand in hand to achieve good universal goals: to build a fundamental scientific base on the Moon. Also next year, one of the Europeans will invent a cure for AIDS.

However, the “storm” due to conflicts with refugees of the Islamic faith of the EU will be another five years. Also, in one of his horoscopes, the phrase was found that in 2020 there will be a "third kind of man." Most likely, the third sex will be legalized - transgender people in Europe.

Even the Europeans will begin to actively explore the Arctic, according to psychics, as a result of which the ecological crisis on the planet will worsen and the melting of glaciers will accelerate, and the world map will change greatly. In addition, the EU will introduce the practice of assigning special ranks to its members and associated states, as a result of which countries of the first, second, third and further levels will appear. For them, their own system of preferences and relationships will be introduced.

Well, after all this, we can only believe that everything bad that was listed above will remain only children's horror stories for humanity, told at night in a whisper under a blanket ... And all Europeans will have a truly excellent, very peaceful and prosperous year. What we all sincerely wish for!

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