How many exams do you need to take in grade 9 in 2020?

It just so happened that the ninth grade in recent years serves as a sort of training ground for running decisions on the exam. Which is not surprising, because the OGE, in fact, is such a small rehearsal for the main test in the life of every student.

And in the last two years, the rules of this "rehearsal" managed to change significantly, whatever one may say. Of course, not in the direction of relaxation: the “nuts” for the guys every year, even if only slightly, but they try to tighten up.

Of course, many are unaware how nine-year-olds will be able to take MORE more exams than they have at the moment. However, it will have to be believed.

Why are changes being introduced?

Talks about toughening the examination policy of the GIA - both the OGE and the HEV - have been conducted, in fact, since 2015. Recall that earlier they skated the compulsory program with a couple of mathematics and the Russian language, and they could also choose two additional exams from the acceptable list - this is optional.

However, our Ministry of Education plans to add one exam every year for children, so to speak, to raise the bar for the nation. And, we hope, you are glad that soon you will be surrounded either by geniuses with a photographic memory, or by a crowd of outcasts who massively abandoned the school, unable to withstand the load.

Moreover, this year is expected to be truly significant - it will be the year of passing the exams by ninth-graders, who have already begun to study under the current GIA norm, therefore, with new education standards, new requirements and programs. Accordingly, the demand from them is much higher. The new training system is built, as explained by the Director of FIPI, O. Reshetnikova, on a system-activity approach, and the examination policy is based on testing skills, not knowledge.

Consequently, it will be more important not to memorize a definition, date or theorem, but to search for the necessary, systematize information, apply it to certain conditions, and reason your thought. At the same time, there is, literally, a verification of meta-subject knowledge, when chains of correspondence and interpenetration are lined up between different disciplines.

New in OGE 2020

Now we’ll try to dwell briefly on each change pool, and a little later, our editorial team will certainly seek detailed consultations from FIPI and the Ministry of Education to publish separate reference materials on each aspect of the problem.

Changes in the number of tests

Well, firstly, there will be more exams, it was already clear. About the story with the light hand of our Olga Vasilyeva did not speak only lazy. So, in 2020, now officially absolutely, she will be added to the list of required exams:

It is possible that in a number of regions pilots are also involved in the fourth required exam - a foreign language. Which in the future, already on stable grounds, is planned to be attributed to this cohort. Also, we can assume that there will be 4 in the base of mandatory exams, since from 2019 the Russian language will be completely divided into oral and written parts.

A bit about history

Announcing the fundamental changes in the history exam, and considering that now everyone will take it, first we note that only the period from ancient times to 1914 is passed - everything else, according to the new program, will be studied in subsequent classes, so it is not surprising.

The tasks will undergo obvious evolutionary changes: they will begin to check not only the knowledge, for example, of the reasons for a particular reform, but they will also have to supplement the answer with their commentary on why this particular reason has become relevant at all.

There will also be tasks for the selection of facts for argumentation, composing texts on a list of terms, processing historical sources and maps. And the last tasks will also become more complicated: if earlier you just had to indicate the era, for example, or the event that is displayed on the map, then now relate what is shown on it with a number of passages of texts, determining the appropriate one.

You will also have to analyze the passage without directly indicating the source: the student must make an assumption about the era, who the author is, etc. And also find errors there, work with context. In addition, knowledge is expected to be tested for facts of the intersection of domestic history with the history of other countries.

What remains in the old way?

As before, in order to be admitted to the examination session in principle, it is necessary to write the final essay ahead of time. The same remained the time for each exam in all disciplines. The rules for carrying things with you to the test were still the same.

There were also three types of global change sessions: preliminary, main and additional. In the first spring, everyone who for a good reason cannot be present on the main day surrenders. And this is not another attempt, as many think. In addition, this reason will have to be presented.

The main, May-June session, is attended by everyone who couldn’t get away for early admission, and in the fall a second chance is given to everyone who hasn’t passed one thing (if both Russian and math failed, they simply leave for the second year with the possibility of re-passing in the usual manner).

Previous exams could not be retaken. As will be now - have not yet decided. But, since the story was attributed to mandatory, most likely, it will also be allowed to retake, if that.

The list of additional items is also unchanged, if you do not take into account that it was reduced by the already mentioned story. But KIM will be printed with every student from the federal system in the process of assigning tasks directly to the exam - so as not to have, as before, the facts of loss, information leakage and other unpleasant moments.

However, we will dwell on all this in more detail in the following materials of our editorial staff. So, we advise you not to skip future publications on the topic in our dedicated column, including our regular one!

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