New Jeep Gladiator 2020 model year

At the Los Angeles showroom in 2018, Jeep presented his very bright new product, which has been rumored for more than a year. He was immediately dubbed the “pickup cabriolet”, “pickup transformer” - which, in general, didn’t sin at all against reality, because with this machine you can truly do anything you want, adapting it to your current needs.

According to the creators, the second generation of the previously built on the basis of the grotesque Wagoneer pickup will move from a specific class of full-size to medium - much more popular with the audience and interesting from a modification point of view.

And, they argue, the goal was to give the world a car for long journeys and conquering real off-road, but at the same time very comfortable and aesthetic, rather than a working mule for construction sites.

Well, let's see how they succeeded!

Exterior and construction

Soplatform with the fourth Jeep Wrangler, the pickup almost completely repeats that in its design. And at the same time it gives a load capacity of 725 kg and the ability to equip a trailer up to almost 3.5 tons. The only cab modification available is a four-door cab with two rows of seats. The spare tire was removed into the cargo compartment, and even enlarged 35-inch tires fit there.

There are few surprises in appearance either - almost everything, like Rangler’s: one to one with the same rounded headlights and a seven-slot branded grille. An external power source is connected at the rear. The cab can be chosen in two versions: with two types of hardtop and soft top.

Thanks to the same older brother, the car can easily turn into a convertible, completely getting rid of both the coug and the roof, and even knows how to fold the windshield and remove the doors, becoming a sort of classic of a romantic safari.

Interior and equipment

Designers from Ohio didn’t trifle in interior decoration and you won’t find any compromises: everything is very solid, stylish and in no way cut back by what many pickup manufacturers sin, believing that workhorses are not important delights.

The modern Gladiator will be able to flaunt the latest Uconnect music and entertainment system with a touch screen, connectivity to all wireless mobile products, seat heating and air conditioning.

And from the driver’s assistants, he will be ready to present excellent options for adaptive cruise control, a blind spot control system, frontal collision warning technology, a front camera and many other useful things to a demanding buyer.


The motor for this pickup is the only one so far - the one that is considered the main one for Wrangler. And his, as well as the rest of the technical equipment parameters are expected as follows:

  • six-cylinder “pentastar” for 3.6 liters and 289 hp (in the project, supplement with an eco-diesel engine of 3 liters and 264hp);
  • eight-speed automatic or six-speed mechanics;
  • start / stop system;
  • four-wheel drive in any configuration.

As for the hybrid variation, there is no certainty yet: it is not even known whether Wrangler will have it. Therefore, it is all the more unclear whether they will put it on the Gladiator. So far, ready to go on sale in 2019 and declared as a 2020 model, the Jeep Gladiator has so far hung a price tag of 35 thousand American money. For comparison, its base, the Rangler four-door, is now sold at 31.5 thousand.

Recall that the former - the first - Gladiator was as elegant as the John Deere tractor. Which is not surprising, because it is, in fact, the first post-war truck, which, despite the fact that it was created for civilian purposes, was very quickly and conveniently able to adapt to army requests.

Jeep Gladiator 2020: photos

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